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  2. Looking for 1990 Civic Hatchback kit

    I don't want to sound like a D-Noz, but $35 for one of those kits isn't bad at all. Quality is quite good on any of those kits, and unless you go to shows/swap meets, you won't find better for less. I have the Tamiya and Fujimi CRX kits and both were more than $35 and well worth the price I paid. You're rolling an EF, a car that has been supplanted by the EG/EK..... chassis. The only people who still mess with them are either broker than a pay-phone, or Die-hard enthusiasts for a chassis that is easily upgraded (and still sees some support from aftermarket companies). I did a B20b Turbo swap into a friends '91 CRX and installed most of the DA Integra suspension and brakes. Adding strut bars front and rear, camber bars, and other bits made the car fun, until he drove it under a truck (all the way up to the windshield base). Do yourself the favor and get one of the kits. $35-$60 may sound like a bit, but if you go detailed as heck, you'll have that and more into supporting parts.
  3. Stuff To Trade - UPDATED June 17 - Kits added!

    PM received and replied to!
  4. Ancient history Kyle Petty Mello Yello Pontiac wagon

    This is incredible! Creative, hilarious, and well-executed. Awesome build. I may just have to steal this idea.
  5. Donnie Allison Mercury Cyclone II - Coke

    That is cool!
  6. Porsche 904 Indy

    Thank you! Thank you too! Well, 98% complete. I ordered lug nuts from Australia, and someone is sending number decals. I had to grind/sand the belly at the front, to get it off the ground. I could say it has air suspension, that is adjustable, this is the lowest car I have built. I've also been tweaking, and touch-up painting, and adding small things when I see it would help, such as insulation near the exhaust pipes. Also having storage issues with my iPhone, so can't take pictures, and the Nikon 300mm zoom lens is not working for this task, extremely short depth of field.
  7. 1970 Bonneville

  8. Donnie Allison Mercury Cyclone II - Coke

    Hi everyone, Here's a build I finished up a couple months ago but neglected to post photos of. It's Donnie Allison's 1969 Mercury Cyclone II. Or sort of. He never drove the flat-nosed Cyclone II, just the "W" nose. But I only realized this halfway through the build and decided to just finish it as-is. It's the Polar Lights re-release from a couple years ago and goodness was it a lot of trouble! The chassis fit was poor, engine details were soft, and of course it wasn't even the right car. Not wanting to waste too much on a kit that isn't up to par, I built this out-of-box. One nice thing about this kit is that you get 2 full engines. I went with the 427 and added the 429 to the spare parts bin. The red is Tamiya acrylic flat red shot through my airbrush, and the gold is a Mr. Color lacquer that is just stunning. I used Testors Ultra-Gloss Clear (I think). I used the kit decals and they were very nice. The chrome pieces were too bright, so I sprayed some Tamiya TS-79 semi-gloss clear over them. Despite all the issues, I enjoyed the build and am pleased with the result. And as this uploads I think I'll go pour myself a glass of Coke... Thanks for looking, Jake
  9. Look forward to watching this!
  10. Volvo 850 Estate Wagon.

    I was intending to do a hot rod, but decided not to because it's such a nice kit. The BTCC came with the factory mirrors, put them on another project.
  11. What Irked You Today?

    This may have everything to do with the contract Fox has with NASCAR. It should be of some consolation that at least you got to see the race. I remember a number of years ago, the local network switched coverage of an NFL game to their home town game in the middle of a play! When they switched, the opening kickoff was still several minutes away. Of course the game they switched away from involved my favorite team and I missed the end of what was a pretty exciting game.
  12. Terrible Box Art

    You are not alone on the disappontment train on that one. I had it the same way. But as such, the boxart is not all that bad compared to other kits from the same time. They just put the wrong model on the box (or maybe in the box).
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  14. Batmobile

    Thanks a ton Jim. Carving out of the fins is complete, probally will need some more finish sanding after the filller primer is sprayed on. I have also been considering adding a sharp lip/edge on the upper part of the entire body running out from the tapered wing edge. Although I am not convinced the effort is worth the reward. I have been trying to figure out the most efficient method of achieving this. So far everything I have though of leads to large amount of time filling and sanding styrene backing forms. In a final attempt at an idea I am going to try this triangle shaped rod, perhaps I can adapt one of these sizes to suit the need with minimal sanding/filling repeat many many times. All comments welcomed, good or bad, I like to hear what people think.
  15. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    sounds real good
  16. 24 hours

    I did one, will post pictures of it later.
  17. 65 Riviera

    Carry on. Be interesting to see.
  18. Early Ferrari Models 1949-1967

    I have started a WIP thread about modifying an Airtrax 1967 Ferrari 330 GTC to the de Rethy 330 GTC Speciale.
  19. funny thing happened

    I had over an acre to push mow when I was a teenager...... the year I moved out, my parents bought a brand new John Deere riding mower.......
  20. On the workbench: Modifying an Airtrax Ferrari 330 GTC coupe to the magnificent Princess de Rethy 330 GTC Speciale.
  21. Revell 2019

    I get it! Thanks
  22. Monogram 66 Malibu Street Rat

    Did you find one yet? I see they're not uncommon on eBay and prices aren't TOO outrageous in most cases (i.e., in the ballpark of MSRP for common new kits). If you're willing to watch and wait, and/or accept a built one, you can do quite a bit better than that. (If you buy a built one, make sure it's got the rear bumper--I looked at at least three this morning that were missing that.) BTW, I'm trying to wrestle one of these things to the ground even as we speak "just because." The Lindberg kit is MUCH better, as is even the inexpensive Maisto diecast (which has been holding down the '66 Chevelle slot on my shelf for a couple decades now).
  23. '69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

    Oh stop whining. It looks FABULOUS and you know it. Well done and model on!
  24. Thank you all for your input. I've looked on Ebay and while they do make kits similar to my car, they seem to be a bit out of my price range. I'll keep looking until I find one in my budget though.
  25. Fixing a warped frame?

    Here are some photos of the frame. Is it possible to save it with heat (water/heatgun) or its better to make/find a new one?
  26. '11 Ford Model T Touring

    I had to go back thru my "Stuff I Bought" list to find the Speedster. The price was $19.95 at Freetime Hobbies during one of their sales. But that was over a year ago. Freetime is now showing it as "out of stock." Their regular price for that kit was $25.79. HobbyLinc has it in stock for $23.12. You're right about the tail-light. I just found a photo of a 1913 light, showing the clear lens. I believe the instructions told me to paint both lenses blue. Oh well, easily fixed. I'll just pop off the blue lens with a hobby knife and replace it with an unpainted gemstone. They're a reflective chrome which should pass for clear. Or paint it white.
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