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  2. Something that may work would be to brush a coat of future over your enamel primer before shooting the lacquer paint over it. The future should seal your primer and allow you to spray lacquer over it. Still, I would do a test before committing to the body.
  3. What about instead of the Pay to Play model you are discussing for the Forum, use a system that allows users to Donate? A Monthly/Yearly target could be added to the front page which automatically updates with a total received so Members will know how things are going. That way those that can and are willing can help financially with the Forum and Magazine, but you won't lose the number of active members, as people can still access for free. People will be able to see how things are tracking and donate more or less often as needed to reach targets to keep everything viable. Just my 2c, but i know it works on other Forums 😊
  4. It was relisted and sold. https://www.ebay.com/itm/51-year-old-MPC-1968-Dodge-Coronet-R-T-3in1-100-amp-unbuilt-/153609127878?item=153609127878&ViewItem=&nma=true&si=B4yAk995APH5l86CNrW7rIGITWw%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  5. Patrick, thank you I am 99% sure it’s the first one you’ve posted there! I’ll try and find some pics of the instructions / contents now to confirm. Thanks for you help guys, this has been driving me insane.
  6. Also take a look at watch posts. Various lengths and widths are available.
  7. You can get pretty close with the injection setup from the AMT '53 F-100. I'm using it on a build at the moment. Mine is on a Ford 4 cam mod engine from the Phantom Vickie. You just have to flip them around to get them to angle towards the center.
  8. I'm going to give it a go. I'd like to get this as close to correct (the hard part). If so, I'd be willing to send it to "Speed City" He's one of those out there producing these obscure parts.
  9. The lacquer will be the darker of the two colors, and it seems like it would take a lot more effort to mask and paint a lighter color on top of it.
  10. Sounds like a lot of money. I'd hold out for someone to produce one in plastic or resin first.
  11. Thanks Roger, I was able to locate some. Would you happen to have a good for the AMT 1967 Ford Mustang GT?
  12. Yup. My frustration level depends on the severity of my mistake though. Sometimes it drives me so nuts I put the kit away or start unbuilding it. Other times, I shrug, and move on, finishing the build.
  13. What about the injection manifold in the AMT '69 Galaxie? could that one be modified to work?
  14. Some people fine rivet counting fun, some find it tedious and pointless. Some people find slapping a kit together quickly and as per instructions fun, others find it haphazard and careless. At the end of the day, you are building for you. And if you find your methods are fun and they give you the satisfaction that you need, then you have my support, even if I would never build something that way.
  15. Not to derail the thread, but the Speed City set comes with M/T valve covers as well. He has a new 65 Ford Econoline body kit. IF you succeed with the Algon ( and I'm sure you will), please consider sending to a caster.It sure would be nice to have available. Same with Hillborn and Algon's for Pontiacs.
  16. Thanks for the heads-up on the Speed City part. And yeah, the Y-block with those weird stacked intake ports...what were they thinking? Sounds like a plan.
  17. I hear you. Don't know if I will ever build mine as well, but we could !!
  18. Today
  19. I wonder if I could just glue the half rounds up and use something like "Milliput" to fill the gap. Never used it this way before, but perhaps with patience could be done.
  20. Looking forward to the build. Your write-up was great. A MiG-29 story for you: back in the 1990s, as part of my job, I worked a lot of aerospace/defense trade shows. At one show in Washington, DC, a guy came into my company's Hospitality Suite and headed for the open bar. He was in civilian clothes, but his nametag identified him as a Defense Attache with the Russian Embassy. While standing around socializing, he suddenly went off on a rant about the greatness of the New Russia, and how we should fear their military. Especially their cutting-edge hardware like the MiG-29. One of our guys pointed out that NATO air forces had recently, and pretty easily, decimated the Serbian Air Force. And its MiG-29s. The attache got red in the face, and said: "Those were downgraded aircraft. With VERY BAD PILOTS!" Then he left. Fortunately before he could drink all our booze.
  21. Speed City has just released a Hillborn intake for Fords, the 67 annual Comet also had a nice set.I realize these are different manifolds, but it might be a starting point. I always found it surprising there wasn't more variety in FE models. Half the work is already done. NOW, about the Y-Block injection.
  22. Now I've done it Long, long, long ago I traded one of my 24th scale Autokits - the Ferrari 156 - to Forum member Rich C for his Autokits Lotus 25 and neither one of us has built them! these are the old curbside white metal kits that are now made by Finecast they build up great as curbsides so I thought - why not have a build blog for both we'll post as we can - and hopefully two builds will take shape as we go - the Ferrari constructed in the leafy confines of Sayre Pa. , and the Lotus constructed in the alligator infested swamps of South Florida .... as to my kit; I'm considering building a Lotus 32B - using some of the kit parts, such as the top half of the body, the wheels, uprights, and a few more random parts - I'll scratch-build the monocoque chassis and the engine - which was a four cyl Climax. The 32 B was based upon the Lotus 27. It had a slightly narrower chassis (than the 25) and straight runs of chassis rails - rather than the bends and kinks used on the 25's chassis. It looked like a Lotus 25 with a climax engine - but in fact it was not - but its only about an inch/half narrower than the 25 so I think I can finesse this .... this shot is from the Ultimatecarpage.com site hope Mr. Ultimate has no objection I'll remove this if requested but in the meantime - this gives you a good idea also there is a wonderful illustration of the car at PeterHuttonillustrator.com for those not familiar with the car, Google history of the Tasman racing series and you'll be an instant expert ...... this was one of Jimmy's favorites .... Rich will introduce his Ferrari ....
  23. sorry, I started a post and it wasn't working - thinking out loud, will be back later... that's a cool manifold! just a heads-up for now. ...from your post and Ace, the base you have started will fit under the valve covers. check a mockup now with the valve covers see if it all fits and how much material must be added to make the manifold thicker where it attaches to the heads - but that's a good thing because you can add the bases for the injector stacks to that piece as a sub assembly before you add it the manifold base. just two cents, maybe
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