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  2. Kids today...

    The only constant is change. Some may be for the good, some not. Reality keeps moving into the future, whether people keep up or not...
  3. Kids today...

    Keep in mind advancing does not always mean for the good!
  4. 1966 Falcon Gasser

    Always very rewarding to complete a project such as this. This sure is something to be proud of, nice save.
  5. Belonged to one of the guys in a rock band my son's were in back in High School and after. The Bass player and had this and a Bass head and cab. When they broke up he enlisted in the Air Force and has been in now over 10 years. I found it in a box where we had stuff packed away from when we moved from a house to and apartment. I contacted him and he asked if it still worked. It has a couple bad (weak) tubes. and a couple bad pots. He told me to just keep it!

    A bit late. But thought the o.p would like it maybe. Quick build, not far from finished.
  7. Myd Lyfe Crysis ?

    I'm a little over a year from turning 50...overall, I'm happy. I like my house (though the garage could be larger), I like my career (especially working from home full time the last couple of years), like my Jeep, like my dogs. After 20 years in the West, I'm enjoying living in NE Ohio again, even with the winters (which aren't the worst). I could lose a little weight and get more exercise, but I enjoy eating.. As far as midlife crisis, I do have the urge to get a sports car..something small, fun with a manual. May get something fun in the next couple of years. I really should try building more models rather just buying more models...heh heh...
  8. eBay Seller Can't Accept Payment?

    Two things come to mind, neither of which may be correct. The seller may be on vacation and won't be able to ship so they blocked their PayPal until they get back. PP has an issue with them and their account may be frozen. Have you tried contacting the seller to get the skinny? Should be your best course of action as that is what eBay is saying to do.
  9. AMT 1949/1950 Ford sedan/ convertible .

    I did the same Jeff.
  10. 1966 Falcon Gasser

    looks amazing!!!
  11. Myd Lyfe Crysis ?

    50 came and went so fast I didn't really notice it. I felt older at 21 than I do now but then I thought I wasn't going to make it much past that age due to where I was and the circumstances it was under and it almost proved true! My days of labor were cut short at the young age of 42 when I busted my back and left me unable to work any more and we lost all we had built up over the years.. So I turned my focus to other things, mainly my grand kids!
  12. Great stuff going on here. Good luck with the rest of this build. It's quite interesting how many plastics can be machined and formed like aluminium. Many of what works for aluminium can be brought over to many plastics. As you said, trial and error will find the way.
  13. 1/24 Pont. Firebird honeycomb wheels

    I have aset of wheels but I cant seem to get a pm thru to you. Larry
  14. Dyniaq - Pumpky Bust - 65 mm Spellcrow

    Very nicely painted.
  15. What diecast did you get today?

    I agree. They are as nice as some I paid a lot more money for.
  16. Corvette C7

    No, its a glue kit. Interior is flat black with brush painted Model Master leather accents. Can't see much of it though.
  17. Today
  18. I think Hobby Lobby's strategy is to price kits higher knowing many people use the 40% off coupon. $22.99 minus the $9.20 is $13.79, more reasonable price to pay for a snap kit.
  19. Snake, I say go for it! Your story that the body was in the basement being painted sounds reasonable to me. I know I have had kits with parts at home and parts at work 30 miles away. Wish I had a spare 65 hood for you. I am looking for the more elusive 63 Rivi rear bumper. I say Git 'er done! Later-
  20. Thanks for the interest, gentlemen. Bernard, thank you too. To answer your question, the floor proper is the .020" stock, as is the rear of the tunnel. The forward section ended up being the .010" stock. To form the curved trans cover and the rear section took some experimenting and a few failures to get a decent final result. In short, you first need a very accurate card-stock template that can be bent to a curve with fingers. Then make a styrene part that duplicates it exactly. Aftermarket styrene stock, whether sheet, tube, or rod, can often be heat-formed and tempered to hold its shape. Depending on the size and shape of the part, it only takes immersion in boiling water for 10-30 seconds to do the trick. Then cool the part in cold water. To get accurate and consistent results and smooth curves, it's necessary to secure the part you're forming to something that will hold its shape. I first tried taping the part to a section of styrene tube that had already been tempered. That worked reasonably well, but wasn't good enough. I ended up making a more elaborate form, but didn't photograph it. It's just a matter of trial-and-error, and rarely takes more than 3 attempts to get it right. Last shot shows the original card-stock template, one of the not-good-enough parts, and the final assembled floor. I found that .010 worked best for the forward end, and it was better to cut the relief for the shifter after the part was formed. The parts are quite delicate and fragile, but once assembled they stiffen up considerably...though it takes very careful file work to avoid cracking .010" sheet once it's tempered.
  21. Corvette C7

    Very nice. Revells snap kit? What color did you use on the interior?
  22. Henry J

    Love those little cars.
  23. ZZ Top Eliminator

    Good looking hot rod.
  24. 1961 Chevy

    Thank you Jeremy.
  25. D-100 Reissued -- C-10 Next ?

    MAD also has that resin long bed, not sure where that crew cab came from. The resin long bed is $15, nice piece, smooth and clean. Kris is on here, he might do some trading if you have something he needs, worth asking!
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