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  2. Oh my… great information, thank you for posting. Love the restoration pictures
  3. I think RR will 'score well' in this topic. I have also ordered from him, and after a lot off ugliness I received my order in over a year. For the proces AND the product I wish I had never placed that order...
  4. Early Funny Car Reference

    Here are photos I took in the shop, during the Hawaiian's restoration. Interesting story as to how these came about. I threw in the hula girl in Gregg's honor!
  5. Early Funny Car Reference

    It works on my end. Enjoy!
  6. Early Funny Car Reference

    Let's see if this works: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=146407
  7. '66 Falcon B/FX

    Wow! A virgin is a rare find, indeed. Nice!
  8. "Bring Out Your Dead" Completion Build--ROUND 2 Is On!

    Ain't no doubt about that!
  9. VW Bug 1303S and the Gooseneck trailer

    Very nice!!
  10. Today
  11. That's the one, yep! Thanks for your replies, fellas, and I'll post whatever I come up with...
  12. Lotus Type 77/78

    Thanks! Looks great! Later, Lee
  13. Fake eBay "Special Discount" email -

    Here is one I got today. These are not scams - they are real. But the price of this kit is ridiculous!
  14. I normally don’t build trucks, even though I drive them. I got this kit pretty cheap, so I decided to take a break from the cars, to build something different. I think I might build another one real soon, and add more detail and weathering.
  15. Revell Boeing B17G Flying Fortress

    Thanks peteski
  16. What Is It?

    I was hoping you were kidding on that, but I guess not.
  17. You can also use Evergreen or Plastruct hexagonal rod stock- slice a piece the thickness of your fitting, use a pin vise and drill bit to center up a hole in the hex fitting, insert your brake line after painting.
  18. I feel like doing a challenge, my HOT-WIRE against your nasty looking circular saw that can walk off your part and gash your finger. Pick your part, make a video, let's see which is faster. (oh shoot, this forum doesn't have the "let's rumble" smiley)
  19. Personally, I saw my dad work his butt off, and have time for his Mauser gunsmithing, and go on some cool trips at the end of his work life. Took early retirement, then had trouble staying awake watching the news, started getting easily bruised, then was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Started going downhill fast, ended with sudden lead poisoning. So much for enjoying the American work to retirement lifestyle. Funny how time goes faster the older I get (anyone else notice that?). I'm at about 180 kits, have doubled in the past few years. I've been a member of three model clubs in my small town, the current one is a break-off from the militaristic IPMS club. We had a display at the library, one day one of our members was just hanging around, a man asked what he should do with his recently passed dad's models. Next meeting he brought in several boxes, I got several somewhat rare kits for a screaming deal, the man was happy to unload them. The "president" (not IPMS remember) bought the collection later, I got some more kits, was given ones that were started, which I sold on Facebook for $2 - $5, it was a feeding frenzy! I think that made some guys happy, instead of going to the landfill. I've been selling some lately, at model swap meets and contests, and on Facebook. Have not tried eBay yet. It's sort of tough to admit I'm mortal, and I will not build every Ferrari kit I have. I do have in my basic Will, that the Model Car Builders Museum in Salt Lake should get the collection if my kids don't wish to deal with it.
  20. Dave Rosenblum's Valvoline Golf

    I just started this kit and while doing research and cleanup I found that the kit supplied wheels were not what was on the race car. I am looking for a wheel similar to the one pictured on the box art, or any small mag wheel that would make this kit look more like a race car than the stock steel VW wheel. Remember, wheels make the car...
  21. Specific trade

    I want to trade my original Johan Chrysler 300. Parts are loose with some wax from when I had the resin casting done. There are a few pieces missing. I included shots of the instruction sheet so you can see for yourself. Engine assembly: missing right hand exhaust manifold and ignition coil. Everything else is there including the Firepower 390 Ram Inducted parts. Stock Interior: missing the seatbelts. Custom interior: complete Chassis: missing windshield washer jar, one lowering block, one interior lock ring. Final assembly stock: complete Final assembly custom: split front bumper, rear grille and roll pan. I would like to trade for a 1967-8 Mercury Cougar kit in like condition. Loose parts, some small parts missing. Thanks for looking!
  22. 1968 charger rt

    You really like your Mopars.
  23. Those instructions are great resource (I'm also gathering this info for when I eventually start the Black Magic car)! Not only they provide "plumbing" info, they also describe what each component is! Too bad that the Fotki site is missing few page scans.
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