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  2. You didn't specify AMT or MPC. Parts are different. BTW, I had the same problem. I ended up using clear red plastic to make the triangle shape for the side and a rectangle shape for the back.
  3. Here in Pennsylvania about a half hour west of Philadelphia, masks and distancing are the law. People seem to get it, I was out today with no problems. Our proximity to New Jersey and New York, as well as infections in Philadelphia put us here at risk. Enough people here work in those areas to cross pollinate us. Our infection rate has been low and people understand our cooperation has been a factor
  4. Never noticed that before. But, I think you might be right!
  5. This is the second problem I've had with an eBay vendor in the last week. Yestday I got a Tamiya 1/35 Schwimmwagen that the vendor claimed was "new" in the box. As soon as I open the packaging and saw the box, I knew there was something not right. The box did not look "new." And opening the box, it was full of parts from several different kits, with no Schwimmwagen in site. I quickly contacted the seller. The mail carrier picked that one up today, to go back to that seller. A couple of months ago I had a similar experience to you Tom, when I ordered a Walthers N scale pre-build water tower. It too was shipped in a bubble mailer. Between the the packaging it comes in, and fragility of the legs of the tower itself, things did not turn out to well. Then the vendor was not easy to agreeing to fix the problem or refunding me my money. Most vendors I've dealt it on eBay are great. Either sending me what I want in good condition, or taking care of things if there is a problem. And rarely is there a problem. But, once in awhile...
  6. I looked on Cultman site, and it didn't say anything about it being in stock(did I have the right site?). Model Roundup, and Megahobby both say it will be available in the next few days, but Tower Hobbies says early Oct. and Spotlight doesn't have it listed at all. What's the deal anyway?
  7. This is a AMT 29 Roadster that I built up in early-mid eighties Scratch built 32 chassis rails using AMT 32s and researched scale drawings, pinched at cowl for 29 body AMT 29A front and rear cross members, tubular mid members Blown small block Chebby Front end ?? with scratch built disk brakes, rear from Lil' John Buttera kit Ala Kart interior with chromed dash and screen and fire wall which was ressessed Radiator cooling fan mounts made from printers plate Wheels and tire from Revel 56 F100 Paint is real black laqueur hand rubbed and polished with no clear Fully wired and plumbed
  8. I have building a photo back drop on my long list of projects. I know I will enjoy doing it since a scratch build a lot of accessories already.
  9. Lindberg 64 Dodge kit. (blue car with dog dishes pictured) MPC 1969 Firebird/Trans Am kit.
  10. Thanks.. I used the #1 needle that was in it by default from the factory. Haven't changed a thing on it yet. I was shooting clear through it.
  11. Scott, interested in the Nomad, Lincoln and Mustang. Were you able to get hold of the 63 Bonnie? Pm me.
  12. Sweeeeeeet!....... ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
  13. You need to look at the assembly of each specific kit. You need to make sure that there arenโ€™t steps in between that wouldnโ€™t be able to be done. For instance with the chassis and cage assembled can you still assemble the interior? Or will the seat not fit between the cage bars? I once assembled a chassis and found the engine and headers needed to be in place before a top rail was installed.
  14. 4 confrontations with people in the local supermarket who don't seem to quite get what a 2 metre exclusion zone means. Or as one said 'I've got to get my shopping!' So let's be clear, we all have to stay at least 2 metres apart - unless we're doing our shopping! Brilliant. That'll keep the virus at bay.
  15. The baby moons from the Deora kit... I once had a bunch of Deora kits I bought for the slant 6 engines.. but procrastination is my friend! Polar Lights came out with the 64 Dodge and Plymouth with the best slant ever in a kit. So I sold off the sealed Deoras.
  16. People are idiots. There was a guy who sold an item in a mint box and plastered the mailing label on it. Or the guy who sold me a 1962 Chrysler convertible built up and slammed it into a bubble mailer, assuring the windshield would get broke.
  17. I got this exact same kit a few months back. I also got some aftermarket decals to do the RC Cola version of this car.
  18. I use Tamiya primer on all my builds and it's an amazing product including their paints and over coats so no problem in sight! Good start so far Pat, but I just wondering to know if you have an engine to put under the hood... lol.
  19. Well hey we each have our favorite "things", maybe the VL is going to be one of yours. Good news, glad it went well for you! Which needle did you use ?
  20. Now the wheels make sense. Makes the 356 look attractive!
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