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  2. Ferrari 275P/360M Restorod

    A lot of great work!
  3. Disteel Wheels Model T

    BTW if anyone has a spare tire from one of the above kits or another kit they want to check let me know, I would prefer just to get the tire, if i know what kit it comes from, than the whole kit
  4. 25 Ford TROG Racer

    Looking nice John.
  5. Myd Lyfe Crysis ?

    In the six months after turning 25, I had to get glasses (the names and numbers on the back of the jerseys of the hockey team were getting smaller and blurry), had the wisdom teeth cut out (three impacted) and had my knee scoped (torn meniscus play tennis)....30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 have been a walk in the park!
  6. Started drawing again

    Haven't been drawing cars in ages, decided to give it a try again, so here is my first finished drawing of a 1974 Plymouth Scamp.....
  7. I gave up on both of these long ago and recently bought diecast "mint" cars. But, they don't begin to compare with the fabulous work shown here. WoW!
  8. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Seeing where you started from, this is a very impressive build.
  9. Donnie Allison's Hawaiian Tropic Monte Carlo

    Looks good to me! Nice work!
  10. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano(Fujimi)

    Very realistic!
  11. Ferrari 288 GTO Fujimi EM

    Well done!
  12. Here's some pictures I found online of someone doing the very same thing.
  13. Studebaker Atlantic custom concept

  14. Thanks i’ve been building Kbri Kits for over 20 years and other German kits as you mentioned thanks for the help those german kits are very nice and you’re right they’re highly detailed The trailer might be a lowboy or a flat I don’t know just yet I have to go through my stash and figure out what I’m going to use I still have several of the KBRI heavy haul kits left. Thanks Ronnie for the complement yes it will have a dual winch I have a picture of it in the parts layout
  15. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    or natural curves
  16. Simpsonville SC show

    I'm going, maybe even get a table to sell off some of the stash!
  17. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I have seen them both ways, body color and black. I forgot to mention I like the black walls on the one I just got today. No earthly idea why I had white walls on mine.
  18. D-100 Reissued -- C-10 Next ?

    IIRC the 2wd parts were only in the first issue, the '78 step side. It would be nice to see those parts again. Maybe they could took up an '83-84 or later Chevy grill, always liked those grill designs.
  19. Tamiya Toyota GT-One TS020

    Well I have to say Drew it was worth the wait...it's gorgeous!
  20. Jim, The 68 Chevelle was released earlier this year, but sold out quickly. The next production run should be arriving soon and then it will be available.
  21. Probably came and went before you could get one. Should be there soon enough.
  22. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Cool kit, which brand is it? Is this kit dor sale anywhere?
  23. D-100 Reissued -- C-10 Next ?

    Contact Kris at MAD, he is working on getting them on the website but I think he has them ready to go. He's a member here (Kris Morgan). Depending on the look you are going for, Danny at Scenes Unlimited has multiple options. He has stock, steel wheels and regular sized tires or he has off road wheels and bigger tires. Easy to order from and great service. Also check out Chief Joseph at Fireball Modelworks as he has some nice wheel and tire combinations.
  24. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Oh, I resisted for as long as I could, and bitterly. If you can't get me at the office, that usually means I'm either asleep, or I just don't wanna be reached 'cause I'm with the only person or people I care to hear from at the moment. Thing is, as virulently opposed as I am to the concept of instant gratification for anyone who wants to pester me... I also have a weakness for gadgets. And these smart phones are the most killer gadgets ever. 13 years ago on signing with my agency, they told me, no cellie, no bookie-bookie. So I very reluctantly got on with the most basic pay-as-you-go burner, then a Blackberry at an ex-gf's urging, then a Samsung Note II THEN a Samsung Note V, incentivized JUST before the one the FAA wouldn't allow on planes. I'm in gadget heaven, just loving all the scat I can do with it. For actual phone calls, it's just as irritating as I would ever have guessed: 97% of the important calls come in that 2% window of time I'm away from the phone.
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