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  2. Nebraska Challenge 2019

    I did that it doesn't work in this place been taking pictures therefor years and the only thing that works is a flash or bright light behind it
  3. Testors Non Toxic Cement

    If you use too much it will soften the plastic. This softening will spread past the joint. I still have builds and parts from the 90's that were put together with this stuff and the joints are still soft.
  4. '66 Falcon B/FX

    Glad to help out with the intake parts from my Cobra parts warehouse. I could use a hood from the Monogram kit if you have an extra.
  5. I went looking through some boxes and bags of "random parts" I've accumulated from elsewhere over the years for my '65 Riv hood. No joy, although, heartbreakingly, one of the bags had a number of custom parts from the '65 Riv kit, but no hood. But that bgd DID turn up an unexpected '66 Wildcat hood, the custom one with louvers sorta like a '67 Camaro SS on it. Hmmmm. It's both wider and longer than the Riv hood, so it could be cut down to fit, and better yet, the forward-edge "V" looks VERY similar in angle. Downside is that it doesn't have the depressions that match up with the cowl vents like the Riv hood should have, and those louver thingies, being a bit raised, make it thin right under them on the underside--almost certainly too thin to file those depressions into it. Maybe they can be filled on the underside with epoxy or something. The work would seem to be easier than trying to create a usable hood by vac-forming a Riviera kit hood. I know from experience that those depressions won't vac-form cleanly--they won't be sharp, they'll be too soft to look good. Hmmmmmmm..... Another "random part" I found was an AMT '65 Chevelle hood onto which someone has already neatly grafted a '69 Camaro cowl induction lump. I'll be finding some good use to put THAT to, I assure you!
  6. 85 Buick Electra Estate wagon

  7. Happened twice now. My paint sticks great to the primer, but the primer does a terrible job sticking to the plastic. And yes the plastic was scuffed with 600 grit before the primer. When I hit the body with the second coat of paint, it pulls up the primer and paint in the convex edges, and creates a blister. Using zero paints and Tamiya primer, never had this problem
  8. AMT 68 Camaro

    Looks great! I like the color and the exhaust mods you did. I have a few of the 67-68's to do someday. Later-
  9. He has a lot of stuff in his store, a little difficult to get to, but worth the trip....
  10. ZZ Top Eliminator

    The Eliminator is now Under Glass.
  11. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    with razor wire fences
  12. Kids today...

    Want to see kids building models ? Mention the word Gundam and watch their interest level change. These are a Huge model kit business and though we my not speak their language they are as interested in these as we are in car modeling. Different generation , different set of interests.
  13. That's what I usually do and they get quite even.
  14. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    Following along to see how you handle the engine compartment.
  15. ZZ Top Eliminator

    Thanks much, Keith, Carl, Jeremy, and Jim!
  16. AMT 68 Camaro

    Finally back at the bench after 3-4 years. When I last posted on a regular basis I was doing a dual Camaro build involving the AMT 68 and Revell 69 kits. I have almost finished the 68. Just need to foil the door handles. All OOB except the exhaust system.
  17. ZZ Top Eliminator

    Thank you, I’m pleased to hear that!
  18. Today
  19. Mustang GTS 2 Daytona 95 ( Paul Newman)

    Nice to see a 1/43 kit on here and a Mustang no less.
  20. Thanks again Jon. I will keep R&M in mind. Thank you Ace, this should come in handy. I need to put the bondo on my list of stuff to get. I have other projects I need it for anyway. I am interested in your use of fiberglass and I'll be looking for info on here for that in the near future.
  21. Italari American wrecker truck

    More work on the wrecker and dio.
  22. This is the Provence Moulage 43rd kit of Paul Newman. Very little clean up on the body and the other resins parts in the kit. The cage is a one piece white metal part that you bend to shape. Wheels are metal sleeve with a brass center that I sanded with 3000 sanding sponge. The wheels are on just for a mock up
  23. James, that is one of the reasons I picked that S-10 kit. I had the 2002 boxing. But that was 17 years ago, and it seems due for a comeback.
  24. No, the Revell kit DOES NOT have a hood, and the spacing of the grille shell from the firewall on that kit may be noticeably longer than what you'll want for the car you're doing. But have no fear; building a custom hood to fit any combination of firewall and grille isn't too hard. None of the hoods I had fit this '29 firewall and the Miller-style nose, so I made up templates for the two by tracing on .030 styrene and gluing to a rough hood. Then fill it up to the right level with a 2-part filler like Bondo Professional spot/glazing putty.
  25. Ford GT

    Thank you for the comments. The kit is the new Tamiya kit. I’m a fan of the older ones myself as well,but got the kit at a good price. The kit is worth picking up. The engineering that Tamiya did on this kit is amazing. How thin the plastic is molded and how the kit goes together is quite special. I did have problems with painting the plastic had to wash and prime the body. Highly recommend the kit
  26. I believe comes with the hood and sides. Correction it does not come with a 32 grille, GRilles and flatheads are easy to come by. I have been getting my parts from R&M . But with a minimum $30 Card order it adds up. I have been building a Flathead with SCOT blower and Ardun heads with only using R&M parts, so far the bill has been almost $80 (over 30 engine parts ). Looking forward to seeing your build. Jon
  27. 2 kits to trade

    The F1 kit is complete. The Jaguar has no side windows and the door panels have been hacked up. I think that all the parts are there. I would like to trade for a 1969 Nova kit
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