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  2. door lines

    Not sure what to tell you on that. If you are not satisfied with what you have now, trying the white wash may be your only alternative. If that does not work, then I guess it is into the purple pond.
  3. door lines

    do you think that i need to strip the paint and start over, or maybe just add a white wash over top of the black? It was a very good coat of paint, so i would hate to have to start over, but i will if i need to. I really want this to look good.
  4. Model A Jalopy

    Very nice! Well done.
  5. B.R.B.O Mack DM600 Dump

    Attempted some weathering on the chassis, to knock down the "newness".
  6. door lines

    With the white color you probably would have been better to use a much lighter wash. Some will take a bit of the body color, add a touch of black, and make it into a wash. Most door lines do not appear as actually black, but a darker shade of the body color,
  7. Rising Sun Oni of Hate in progress

    Good start on this Bob. Watching.....
  8. Great modelers here..

    Welcome Mick, looking forward to some of your builds. Also welcome to another "lifer", 21 years 2 months, and 18 days, at least that is what my DD-214 says. I've been retired since Dec 1st, 1989.
  9. door lines

    Good Morning (or afternoon/evening) Last night i was working on a model that i am painting an off white color (tamiya racing white). I wanted to try to put door lines on it, so i primed the model in white. i painted in the door lines with black wash and then i painted the body the with the off white. The door lines are still very dark black and it looks unrealistic. is there a different order i was supposed to do it in? I can probably add one more coat, but after that, i will start to lose detail. its a kit from the 80's so the detail is already very soft. Thank you in advanced.
  10. Nice. Very Nice. I'll be wanting these.
  11. 1968 Roadrunner

  12. '69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

    looks great
  13. PORSCHE 907 K - Scratchbuilt from 908 LH body.

    turned out great
  14. 68 Corvette

  15. 1968 Roadrunner

    built a few years ago.
  16. 68 Corvette

    WOW ! that Vette is awesome !! everything on it and about it is perfect great detail very very nice.!!!!
  17. Post the oldest kit in your collection

    built around 1980, 71 cuda.
  18. Today
  19. 68 Corvette

    Very nice!!
  20. PORSCHE 907 K - Scratchbuilt from 908 LH body.

    Very nice , Paulo
  21. Post the oldest kit in your collection

    Hi Tom, I believe that one's got slight orange peel...
  22. PORSCHE 907 K - Scratchbuilt from 908 LH body.

    Beautiful work!
  23. I wake up to the smell of Bondo dust in the morning...
  24. Kits for Mark Orr's group

    Hi George, I'm friends with him too, he's on a couple other sites and is an fb friend. I'll copy and paste your post in a message to him. PM's sent and a post made on a couple other site he's on. Good luck.
  25. Model A Jalopy

    That’s neat, good job!
  26. Joe's Power Plus Service Station modification

    Tiles for the reception area
  27. Joe's Power Plus Service Station modification

    The tools that did the job, best investment ever. To the right is my assistant dalmation Ziva.
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