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  2. I'd e-mail Dave at AITM when he gets back next week. His parts catalogue lists several headlights, but no pics. Tell him what you are looking for and he might have it. He does make a White cab kit that may have the correct headlights you need.
  3. The best example of this kit I’ve seen. Nice upgrades, subtle and convincing weathering.
  4. Very cool color! Looks great on the large car!!
  5. Just like the pink bunny.....you just keep going, and going, and going........... Nice work on the shocks! And the tires!
  6. It looked good in pic A, but the new wheels, and dropping the stance makes look more like a SuperBee ought to, IMHO. Good move!!
  7. Both are extremely well done!
  8. It looks like its mounted to the spare tire bumper stop. My old '92 YJ had a spare tire bumper stop mounted just like that on the corner. When you swung the tailgate open, the spare tire would rest against that. Jeff
  9. I've got a White 4000 resin hood in need of a pair single headlights, similar to the ones on a Ford LNT or C-600. Anyone know an aftermarket source? No luck on eBay parts..
  10. Another great build.
  11. Very cool, great job on the weathering! Looks like it just came off the track, could easily pass for 1:1.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Carl, that sucks but at least your wife is okay!
  14. What a great combination, well done all around!
  15. Beautifully built Z06, great photos and the other two are also look extremely nice
  16. Fast back Cadillac is painted!! Silverpine Green Firemist. Silverpine was not a Firemist color but I switched the metallic in it so now it is.
  17. My plan was to use the back half of the roof from the 65 as well. The only difference I can see is the 66 had slightly more curve at the top back corner of the window.
  18. For now, I'm just gonna remove the decals, polish it, and do the chrome and black trim. Will probably paint the dashboard and carpets black, too.
  19. Glad your wife is ok. People are just concerned where they want to go and don't give a you know what about others. I see it every day I go somewhere. I hope she was insured.
  20. Wow, a really stunning build and you have achieved a beautiful balance. For someone who fears final assembly (apparently!) you have done a superb job of getting that undercarriage looking clean and symmetrical. I think the high gloss clear is a great idea because I always find that no matter how careful I am polishing vintage bodies, I always seem to get a rub through. The multiple window mouldings and body swage lines just about guarantee it! This is a credit to you, and Dennis for his fine mastering. Cheers Alan
  21. Very sharp. I actually like both versions.
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