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  2. D-100 Reissued -- C-10 Next ?

    Tell us more about this MAD grill, please. My kit is already ordered. I'd like some recommendations on wheels and tires too. Scenes Unlimited looks to be the best source, but which ones exactly?
  3. Krazy Kustom

    I'm thinking im gonna have to section out the cab and chop the top some also to get it like i vision this lol
  4. I am hearing from multiple trusted sources that the Dodge pickup kits were ordered by distributors and shops at a much higher volume than Round 2's production plans forecasted. Some shops are getting only 50% or less of what they ordered. Production will eventually catch up with demand, of course, but if you want the kit now, best buy it at the first place you see it. TIM
  5. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    I'm with you guys as well. Pure simplicity, $29 a month; that's it. A former work colleague told me "Tim, that's not a smart phone, it's a dumb phone". I kinda like that. And I take it as a badge of honor, so to speak! TIM
  6. #1 , 1970 Dodge Challenger

    Unfortunately , I got trash in the paint, because I'm dumb! Wait a few days for it to gas out and will try to sand it down smooth. (Rats!)
  7. CAT 966C

    Weathering looks incredible! As does the whole rig. Well done.
  8. LHD Gulf Seven

    Thanks guys! It does seem to have a content smile. I need to finish it by the end of the month (even though I swore to myself I was not going to put a deadline on it three years ago). But I want to have it done for the GSL. I measure and scale everything, but some things don't look right even though they are mathematically correct, so that's where some adjusting and and fine tuning come in. As a last resort I use the exacting process of T.L.A.R. and scaling at the same time. My vector program is just a tool, I define the scale to fit each part.
  9. '66 Falcon B/FX

    thanks for the info. im gonna pick up a shelby today
  10. #1 , 1970 Dodge Challenger

    Well, Got the re-paint done
  11. Delete notifications

    Is there a way to delete notifications? The thing with the little bell.
  12. Revell Auto Transporter

  13. Fabulous job, well worth the time invested! It would be cool if Atlantis models ends up having this tooling and could reissue it. Looks like a fun one!
  14. Roll Call! NNL East! Who's going?

    Yes! I will be making the trek from central Ontario, Canada (leaving at 5am) and picking up a couple of friends in Toronto, one near Kingston and the 4 of us will be there Friday night. So looking forward to this as always.
  15. I heard that those Dodge truck kits will be going fast, so I would get one or more as soon as possible from wherever possible.
  16. Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7

    Tim.... Wow...ummm I can't exactly say what came out of my mouth when I saw the first pic because I would get a warning for my language from the mods...lol. This is the moment where you can see all of the hard work come together on this Jewel. I am so impressed. That engine and all the details in the drivers area is just Gorgeous. I am speechless. Truly Amazing my friend. Cheers!
  17. Benny Parsons #72 Kings Row Monte Carlo

    Great job, Clay! I just finished one of these myself and learned a lot of it; I'll work in your tips for the next one I build. That model looks fantastic.
  18. Some odd and cool old drag cars

    Cool pics, thanks for posting.
  19. 1961 Chevy

    Thank you Brian.
  20. Great stuff. The 60s were a great era in all forms of racing.
  21. 1978 Mack U-Model "Overnight"

    Great job on that rig. I'd like to build a model on it's current "as found" state, lots of details to add there! Can anyone tell me why Mack built an offset cab for these trucks? I can't think of a good reason why they needed them.
  22. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Cool..still waiting on mine...I was kind of late in preordering them, didn't preorder until after the 1st of this month.
  23. Mercedes AMG GT-3 Tamiya

    Amazing build and detail work! Love what you have done and the body color. What is it? Can't wait to see it cleared and shinning bright! Later-
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