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  2. 1/18 Fiat hot rod

    Very sharp Fiat, Ray!
  3. You betcha!!! I haven't abandoned that part of the hobby!!! I've got designs on doing another Prostar or Lonestar, next....
  4. A comparison of the size of the two cars. I'll have to stretch the resin body, one way or another.
  5. Revell Porsche Diesel Farm Tractor

    Great build Ray and I like the alternate color scheme.
  6. I'm totally digging that black... I gotta do one in orange, but I think I will do one in black, too... That looks GOOOD!!!! I'm in love with these things.... True 1/24 scale, and you get a car and a trailer to boot.... At a fraction of the price of a Meng kit...
  7. '66 Falcon B/FX

    Glad you like the builds Ralph. I've been enjoying your Battlebird project.
  8. Revell Porsche Diesel Farm Tractor

    Great looking tractor, Ray!!
  9. 1990-1991 Ford Taurus Dash

    Is this out of the police car and 911 Emergency kit also? If so I should have it, I will look tonight.
  10. Great Traders List

    Another great trade with JollySipper, fast shipping and well packed and great stuff! Would trade with anytime!
  11. 65 Riviera

    You have my interest, Ray...
  12. 46 chevy customed pickup

    Very nice!
  13. 1970 Bonneville

    Super Nice!!!
  14. Finally got a chance to set back down at my desk. Got the roof rack built for the suburban. Think it looks pretty ok? Tried to make it look period correct? Gota do a little sanding and fitting yet, and paint.
  15. Summit Mini

    Wow! What a monster in a small package.
  16. 1979 camaro

  17. Thanks for the photo ... the build is sounding cool. With all the wet weather you should be getting some good bench!
  18. 1/8 DeAgostini Porsche 911 conversion complete build.

    Thanks for sharing your progress on the 911. Looking forward to seeing more.
  19. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    to be announced
  20. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    Same kit. Airfix released the MPC '67 Charger and '67 GTO over here, listing them as 1/24 scale.
  21. '71 Mercury Comet F/C

    Thanks for tuning in gentlemen and for the comments. With the coil-overs being so exposed on the finished model I decided to improve on the kit parts. Made up a set for the rear last night, still need to do the fronts.
  22. '66 Falcon B/FX

    Man JC. Where do you find this stuff?? awesome job on the Falcon(s). I've learned so much watching your builds.
  23. My update is im still waiting on getting that Plastruct weld glue stuff is where i still stand
  24. Revell 2019

    The intent is to replicate the '71 Don Grotheer donor car minus the fender gills. Here is the build thread:
  25. Today
  26. 1/8 DeAgostini Porsche 911 conversion complete build.

    A little progress on the 1/8 DeAgostini Porsche 911 conversion. I have now epoxy glued the resin wheel arches onto the metal body. and started the process of blending them into the body shape which filler and sanding. More to follow soon. Chris www.wardsmodelbuilder.com wardsmodelbuilder@outlook.com
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