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  2. Six Pickup trucks I'd like to see.

    Here's the Dodge D-50 that I recently built. MPC did some nicely detailed kits in the 1980s that are seriously overlooked. Cars like the Chevy Cavalier and Ford EXP are very well detailed and go together fairly well. Their list of small pickups, the Dodge D-50, Ford Courier, Subaru Brat and the recently reissued Datsun (which I have open right now) have nicely done chassis that are just begging to be fit under street rods. As I worked on the D-50, I snuck the finished chassis under a 40 Ford sedan delivery and it looked like it was made for that kit! The problem is that these kits have been overlooked because the subject matter isn't all that mainstream. As such, they are available at swap meets in the $5-10 price range. I have several D-50s, two original issue era kits and two of the last reissue, all bought for $5 each. I understand that the new kit market is to hobby shops and people who aren't as connected to swap meets, message boards and club meetings as we all are. I'd love to know how well Round 2 has done with the Datsun pickup. We do know that the Brat is coming, and how they do with a reissue of the D-50 again. That will tell us the market viability of these kits.
  3. 1965 Mack B61ST 1/25 scale

    Thanks Ken I must agreed that’s the one I enjoy the most hope you come along for the ride
  4. 56 Chevrolet - box stock

    Looks real nice. I like the clean no thrill look.
  5. 1965 Mack B61ST 1/25 scale

    The old school trucks are fun builds and great to see.
  6. A Idea for NASCAR

    I'd be wary of dropping too much speed from the cars. I was at an ARCA race at Michigan Speedway back in the Nineties and those cars were lapping at about 165 m.p.h. They looked so slow it looked like they were dragging an anchor behind them.
  7. Update time: RobertW: Hasegawa Lockheed Neptune Straightliner59: Junior Fueler Dragster MAKING PROGRESS BelugaWRX: Wolf WR1 Mod3lLover: Mustang Dave Branson: Fujimi BMW H5 MAKING PROGRESS NAFAW9: HO scale big rig Geemoney: ’34 Ford Disconovaman: Probably some kind of pickup—’55 Ford? Bobthehobbyguy: ’32 Ford 5-window Bandit1: Peterbilt 377 Prostreeter69: ’48 Ford Snake45: ’66 Chevelle SuperbirdMcMonte: '70 Monte Carlo FIRST COMPLETION! GOTTER DONE! Moving on to Austin Gasser Modlbldr: '65 Mustang Cdubya: '55 Chevy JunkyardJeff: '34 Ford truck You know what to do, gang: GITTER DONE!
  8. AMT 1949/1950 Ford sedan/ convertible .

    Always wanted to get the tudour conversion but never did. I had a 1:1 years ago and wanted to replicate it!
  9. Sorry guys I’m going have to take a break on the 1/87 for a good while its really messing with my hands and eyes. Anyway back to the bench. I got this from Dave (AITM) last year and I’ve decided to start it.I painted the Cab Allis Chamlers Orange. I plan on this pulling a dump trailer. The Engine will not be seen but I painted it close to Mack gray as I could. Have to get a few more parts to add and I got some built also tonight. I’m going to make some new tank brackets. I’m using the DM frame to get the vintage parts to build this and using parts from other kits. Enjoy the pics
  10. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    from outside preditors
  11. HELP? Really all I would need to fix this one is the tail light bezels. ....
  12. Zero paints primer - not a fan

    I’m going to give that a shot. Hope they have a “white”. I noticed some manufacturers don’t.
  13. 70 Cuda Pro Mod....update 02/21/19

    Ron, this engine will be using a twin turbo setup and that empty space will be filled shortly. I'm only hoping that I have enough space. All of the front suspension is complete and more engine plumbing completed.
  14. 56 Chevrolet - box stock

    Very nice.
  15. Ford starliner super stock build

    Beautiful. I owned a 4 door years ago. Love the look of this Car
  16. Challenger T/A

    Very nice
  17. 71 Challenger

    It looks very good
  18. Car Model History in My Hands!

    Richard.....thanks for the comments on that old Dodge Funny Car entry......long, sad story about that one. Bottom line it's been a pile of parts in a box for just over 50 years.....BUT at the end of January I started repairing and restoring it. I'm not about 75% done. I'll post the whole story (including the sad part) here when I'm done. As for the 1969 Flint and 1970 Detroit contests, the Charger I still have and it is in pretty good condition for being nearly 50 years old and after having been shipped back to me with NO packing materials after the 1970 MPC National finals! The Detroit show 'cuda's chassis was repurposed under a new Mustang body and its in great shape (and displayed in my Fotki photo album). The original 'cuda body, built in just a couple of weeks to be ready for the '70 Detroit contest, self destructed within a month. I too just started restoring that one by removing the 30+ coats of paint. I'll start working on it in earnest after finishing the other one. Thanks again for your comments and interest! TIM
  19. 71 Challenger

    Thank you
  20. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    Or the Ford engine from the Foose ‘56 pickup. Nice work opening the decklid by the way. 👍
  21. '64 Dodge roof mystery.......

    Nice subject matter. Also, Walter, when you get your new set of decals to re-do the Fugitive car just be aware that the shackle on the ball and chain wraps over the base of the F in the name. I also believe that Bandit Resins sells the fenderwell headers.
  22. Pro Mod Chassis's

    Probably belongs somewhere else, but here goes A explainations of different Pro Mod chassis's, sorry I can find it only on facebook from Jerry Bickels's shop https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2376928828985041
  23. Aston Martin DB4

    Thanks Gary, Tom, and David! David, I searched theough 5 pages of Dann Tier's forum postings and I didn't see his WIP. I may try to find it later. I seem to recall someone building a DB4 or DB5 some time ago on this forum and they were making all kinds of modifications to the kit. I don't recall who the builder was or if the project was ever finished.
  24. 61-63 Thunderbird hardtop glass and hood insert

    I think that I can definitely use it. PM sent. Later-
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