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  2. What is the mil thickness of bmf ? Does anyone know
  3. Nesco dehydrator bought at goodwill. Best investment ever !
  4. What an incredible model. What everybody else has already said - it was amazing to watch the transformation from what you started with. The diorama catches the moment precisely in appearance, technical detail, and emotion. Outstanding!
  5. That looks pretty kewl. When I see 1:1 trucks like these they look like Tonka trucks to me.
  6. I didn't miss anything. You seemed interested in owning THIS kit. You don't want to order it online yourself. That means you're gonna have to let your LHS know about your desire, and perhaps have them order you in one. Have you tried that? Because I'm pretty sure Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny isn't just gonna drop one on your doorstep.
  7. Extremely well done. Great details. Time to go hunt some 'gators.
  8. Very cool! I remember a TV show back in the '60s that featured park rangers riding around on one of these fighting crime, etc. It was called the Everglades.
  9. Looking good, what is the red color on the 2nd bee?
  10. How can I remove these annoying google adds ... they are like popping up like mad !
  11. The real fun comes in when you start designing your own stuff. The side pods, block, heads, swing arm, and gas tank I designed and printed on my FDM printer.
  12. So... nobody stocks Atlantis kits on the shelf. Unless they do. That clears things up. Snake, I think you missed the part where I said there are plenty of kits I want on the shelf of my local hobby shop, not just Hobby Lobby and Michael's. I buy things on the shelf. There is pretty much always something on the shelf that I want. No need to order anything.
  13. Nice weathering, interesting subject, great looking build.
  14. I have seen online posts where they bought foil tape at dollar stores and got thinner tape than regular foil tape yet still a bit thicker than BMF and they liked it. Perhaps it depends on the source. The tape I have is way too thick for trim around windows etc. Also, the adhesive is extremely unforgiving. It will pull the paint right off.
  15. Today
  16. Appears to be a complete frame, no engine, wheels, or tires, no tire tubs. Swap for?
  17. Charlie, this is such fabulous work! It is a joy to watch your projects coming together.
  18. I didn't really do anything other than be extremely careful not to touch the chrome paint after it was applied. With the seats and dash, that was really no problem. i had a bit of a slip on the radiator shroud, however, But nothing's perfect. Eventually I'll do some more experimenting with this paint (the can's large enough to last until the next century) with various clear coats, which should help protect it.
  19. That shifter is acutally from a Mopar! And, the tire direction are probably all backwards thanks to the tire design.
  20. Hey all I have the lift axle fabricated. I still need to fab up the mounting brackets and lift air bags, brakes, etc. I didn't get any pictures today, but I'll take some tomorrow. Ron G
  21. Just cleaning up some mould lines and test fitting a few parts today. I painted up the wheels I have, and both are pretty much exactly the same. The resin wheels are a bit skinny but have slightly better detail, and the ones from my spares tin have a thicker rim bead and fatter tyres, they're ever so slightly bigger too, so I'm kind of torn between the both.
  22. Oh well I've used it now for 2 years, and to me it's perfect, BMF is too expensive for a pensioner like me to buy in such small sheets.
  23. We were so happy when DAB started to repave our street. Last Tuesday they started laying down a second layer but then stopped about 6' from the cross street. Today we hear from a neighbor that DAB has closed their doors. What the heck? DAB is/was one of the largest paving companies in the state.
  24. My youngest son who's eleven asked me if I can get him a kit "like the ones I build" he said, so I showed him a few snap kits and he picked out a DeLorean from Back to The Future. He then asked if I could paint it for him, thinking it's just a few snap parts, I said sure. When I opened the box I was greeted with many parts trees! There is a lot of parts here for a snap kit! so, on top of the two kits I curranty have going I have to paint my sons kit which gives me three projects on the go at once! Lol
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