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  2. Well hey we each have our favorite "things", maybe the VL is going to be one of yours. Good news, glad it went well for you !
  3. Now the wheels make sense. Makes the 356 look attractive!
  4. So you got a Tiger 1? Just watch out for Oddball.
  5. Yea! Both you and I both get it. It seems like common sense to me. The vendor has indicated he's planning on refunding my money.
  6. I'm okay with MPC keeping the '73 Mustang kit just the way it is in it's latest release, as a '73 Mustang. What I don't like is them doing trying to pass that kit off was a '71 or '72 with just a different grille insert.
  7. Folding the card is a big no no. I'm surprised he did not know better.
  8. Just got this off Ebay for so cheap, I almost feel guilty. I really like these Matchbox kits, even though I haven't built one, yet. I just picked up the Surtees, recently, as well.
  9. I hate to beat a dead horse. But, here are the box art for the original MPC and AMT annuals, and the later MPC/AMT Bos 351s. Again, you can see on the box art how the '73 Mustangs changed in appearance in more than just the front bumper and the grille. The headlamp bezels were also changed. Which I really disliked.
  10. Welcome to the forum Nigel, you seem to have a very nice working space with a lot of potential projects in front of you! Nice little collection of 1:1 cars too by the way!
  11. Please Round 2, give us a new ‘71-3 Mustang kit! The MPC kit tooling deserves to be retired and sent to the nearest smelter, and the AMT kit would need too much work to return to stock.
  12. What engine does it have? I'm not into Fords but there are some interesting ones, like yours. I had a friend with a Mk 2 that ran a Rover V8 (215 c.i. Buick by another name)on 51/2J steel wheels. Squirrelly, but would do a genuine 140 mph. It was a well-worn red and looked completely standard except for the big tailpipes. It was known as the Red Bomber.
  13. Great job! Makes me want to start on my '32 again... !
  14. This will be cool to follow. At some point I will build a Warren Tope T/A Mustang which would require some major body surgery like you have strarted on. Just do not put a Ford engine in it.😁
  15. I love these cars Tom, and this is probably the best one I have ever seen. I like it so much it hurts. 🤩🤩🤩
  16. I really like this - super clean and nicely built!
  17. Welcome to the forum Mike! No matter the brand, model car building is fun and rewarding and you will certainly find a lot of inspiration and support here!!!
  18. Yes I agree the grill is far from perfect and yes the headlight area is black except on a 73 non Mach1 and I detest seeing the 73 bumper on a 71-72 Mustang and of course a real Boss 351 did come the factory with a chrome front bumper. For the real 71-72's Mach1's you can only get a used (and pricey) rubber bumper so I have seen many Mach1's with a chome one - anohter thing that drives me nuts. There are many issues with the AMT and MPC versions that I have mentioned every time I build either version. The grilles from Kevin @ Missing Link are a big improvement. Since I plan to end up building twenty 71-73 Mustang as much as I would like every one to be perfect with replacement parts for every single one it's not too practical. If you are build just a few version then by all means there is a lot of improvements that can be made for both. I will never pay collector prices $50-$150 for either kit knowing that there are just a few parts that are different and knowing at least four different resin casters that will make copies of various parts so I have accumulated a pretty good supply of better or copies of original parts. I basically laid out all those parts for each build and the first four I did were done with mostly the original kit parts but as I chip away at the next dozen or so and I learn the quirks about building them and whether I will include a 302 or 351 or 429 engine and whether it will it be an automatic of four speed etc. my forthcoming builds will benefit from replacing more and more of the kit parts with resin parts or engines from other kits. Stay tuned.
  19. really hard to forget your first big deuce, conversions
  20. Looking forward to this one as well.
  21. 40 years huh? Glad to know I am not the only one. Mine was started when I was 12, now I am 53. Keeps getting stalled.
  22. 1970 Chaparral Camaro Trans-Am - I started this project a few years ago and after doing the initial work to convert the front end to full bumper configuration it got shelved. With the prospect of the release of a full bumper kit I figured I would wait until I could get one of those before resuming this project. I have recently learned the release of the new kit has been significantly delayed apparently due to some tooling issues. This project is the last one on my list of started but not completed builds and I needed something to work on so I am back at. Up front I managed to approximate the full bumper grill area by mounting the grill upside down. The small inner headlights were filled. The center section of the bumper started as 1970 Mustang piece. The parking light area under the bumpers were cut open and then filled. For the flared wheel-wells, I first cut of the stock lip. I then cut away the body to match the shape of the inner wheel-wells. To this I glued sheet styrene and then reattached the lip after which the whole area was puttied. The wheels and tires are from Replicas & Miniatures.
  23. Those colors go well together Tom.
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