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  2. 1969 Dodge Charger Convertable

    Thanks! I've tried to Google the portion of the interiors that held the mechanicals and nobody has any good pics that I can find, that's why I finally bought the '69 GTX kit. Sadly, I one of the best views I've found was a quick clip from a recent Mecum auction on TV of what I think was a Coronet R/T or Super Bee convertible, and even that wasn't great. I'm building this as a "what if" styling prototype including the Recall wheels and using the shorter, stock windshield for if they were looking to see how it would look with the normal Charger sized windshield in it. I need to look at the Revell '68 Charger kit interior pieces to see of there is anything missing that should be in this tub, since it looks a wee bit bare to me. Nice looking Coronet too! Dad and his next younger brother both had '62 Furys (Dad's was white with red interior, not sure what thenother was painted) then his brother had a '68 or '69 Coronet R/T Dad bought off him that he and Mom drove for a while and built up credit with until they traded on a '70 Charger R/T 440 Six Pack 4 Speed and Super Track Pack car. Not sure what color the Coronet was, but Mom HATED the stripe around the rear as it tended to attract the unwanted attention of both cops and boy racers.........needless to say, the Charger was a simple F8 Green w/white vinyl top and interior, plain steelies with dog dish caps and and no R/T stripe! Dad even had them de-trim it to look more like a 500 car too. At one time, his parent (my grandparents) had a R/T-SE Challenger in a carmel likenshade of brown with I think a tan top (it's been 40 years since I saw that last). All of them were bought in Iowa as Dad's side of the family was living around Ames at the time and Dad had been friends with the late drag racer Gary Ostrich back then before I was around too.
  3. '32 Deuce Built from Rat Roaster

    Well, my decals arrived today so a bit late. Just put them on. Still waiting on the PE grill and pulleys. Maybe tomorrow so I can finish this one and move onto the next.
  4. Ford Friction Shock question

    One of my assortment of somewhat in-progress projects is a Revell '31 Ford, and I had no idea that those levers were on the frame, but I ended up figuring them out via searching the words "Houdaille shock absorbers" in the various street rod websites. Here's just one photo among many I bookmarked as a reference to how these can work:
  5. '68 Chevelle SS 396

    What an awesome build
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  7. Sharp build, looks like a natural factory design.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Its the one I missed out on before. There must have been a problem with the last auction. I will put a bid in & see what happens!
  9. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    now yer talkin'
  10. *AMT 1953 F-100 : Let's See Them !

    Made this many years ago. Closet Ford and only pick up to the Sanford & Son truck, Shot with Testor's red rattle can and then shot from above with flat red to give a sun faded paint job, Added different mismatched rims and tires bent up a sting ray bike, some concrete blocks, and Julio's goat greg
  11. Does anyone make a Coyote Engine?

    They changed their product line-up to "Close is good enough" diecast cars (George Bojaciuk will understand that reference)
  12. Good progress, Nice to see ALF fire truck parts being used. greg
  13. Wow great looking truck.
  14. 74 roadrunner

    Looks great michelle,
  15. *AMT 1953 F-100 : Let's See Them !

    Built this one back in the 90's for a primer model contest. Need to tear it down & paint it in some real wild colors.
  16. Superb custom!! Everything is beautiful!!
  17. Cool custom build. Well built and finished. Good job.
  18. Good job on making all the different kit parts look good together.
  19. Nice custom truck. Cool stance and wheel/tire combo.
  20. '68 Chevelle SS 396

    All of your choices - colors, engine, wheels - come together beautifully. Really nice work.
  21. I make a lot of small suspension parts like spindles, etc. Scratch-built parts made from styrene are generally stronger if assembled with a liquid solvent-type cement. Use enough to get a good bond, and let it dry well. When thoroughly dry, the joins can be reinforced with small fillets of a gel CA. The fillets can be sanded smooth with a nice inside radius. Be careful painting things assembled with CA. One solvent in some paint, acetone, will break down CA joints, and your assemblies may fall apart.
  22. Cool Suburban. Nice work in the interior.
  23. Those 4 3/8” tires look pretty good. I may order some. Thanks
  24. 1960 AMT Bonneville interior tub

    Or you could save yourself a boat load of time and effort in this circumstance and use the entire interior from the Trumpeter '60 Bonneville kit! Seriously, I think in this circumstance, I would widen the rear seat by adding to the ends. I don't believe that it would require enough added material to make it look odd. Splitting the seat down the center and adding material there would require a bit more thought. You have the speaker grille to deal with in that case. Steve
  25. Started sticking this one together today. The chassis is essentially finished and the engine is assembled except for the carbs and distributor/wires. I also started on the floor and related parts. Had to set the engine in and the body on for a look. Another afternoon at the bench should get it done. Stay tuned!
  26. 36 ford coupe, my chop

    Cool custom. Good work on the chopped top.
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