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  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Add mine too.....(keep going & you'll be as white haired as me!!)...
  3. 72 charger

    this was one of 2 chargers built ups i bought i paid 50 each for them i was told this was a original mpc 72 charger that the seller had built in 1972 and had hand painted the car so the paint was super thick when i got it i poped the chrome and glass and chassie and interior pan from the body and stripped the paint from it and when i did i noticed that this was much more modern and not a 72 charger it was a amt/ertl 71 charger body the inner wheel wells that were molded to the body were also cut away and the doors modified to look like a 72 the hood, interior pan, dash and chassis was from from a 74 charger like the other 74 charger rebuilder i posted the other day i decided to see if i could find instrutions for the original 72 charger online i found i repository for model kit instructions and noticed that the original 72 had taillights like the 71 same with the hood like a 71 i also knoticed the seats that were not glued down in the car were molded in yellow and a little to big to fit in the the car when sat upright they had to be from a 1/24th scale mopar of some sort i ended up sanding them down both the top and bottom and sides so they fit better once glued in and the interior pan placed back in the body
  4. Real or photoshop?

    Illustration- pavers are too even. They look like they are laid out in sheets.
  5. Second lot for trade

    Nova parts lot #5 is pending.
  6. Mid-Atlantic NNL 05/11/19

    The Escort RS1800
  7. '55 Chevy

  8. 1976 or 1977 Dale Earnhardt Ford Torino

    nice built! good old Stock cars
  9. ohhhh this is a really nice looking truck. love it!
  10. Cats like boxes. Even big ones.

    Now that's funny.
  11. What Pleased You Today!

    Congratulations !!! The best part is you can spoil your grandchild and then give them back, and if you time it right you wont even have to change a diaper.
  12. AMT Ford Interceptor Police Car

    outstanding work. it Looks perfect to me.
  13. 1912 Packard

  14. Opel GT

    yes it is. very nice!
  15. 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic

    agreed. i also like to see the hellcat done. like your challenger - wel done!
  16. very nice combination from paint and interior. like it! Looks really nice in the sun. well done! the only Thing...perhaps you can Change the really massive antennastick to a thinner one? for example, i use 0.5 Diameter metal if it is in my opinion too thick.
  17. Mid-Atlantic NNL 05/11/19

    Like I mentioned to you at the show JC....I was into TROG before there even was a TROG. My first builds as an adult modeler returning to the field back in the 90s were subject matter that wouldve looked at home on the dry lakes back in the post war period. Guess that makes me a bona fide TROGlodyte!
  18. Victoria Day Speedfest

    Thank you for the great pictures. Nice to see a Dodge back in race trim again.
  19. Lambo Silhouette

    very nice - well done! Not often to see one built
  20. Dandy Dick Landy cars done!

    They look great. You can almost smell the Cigar smoke from here.
  21. Third Celebrity Death this Week

    Yeah, I would be devastated if I had a cat pass away that young. Nearly 10 years ago, I had one go.....he wasn't quite 10. Tore me up for weeks. He had liver failure and by the time I discovered what was wrong with him it was too late. My Dad had a cat that lived to be 23. She was a tiny thing, but it wasn't dwarfism as far as I know. I didn't know about Peggy Lipton till a couple days ago. I too am of that 'certain age' and remember her very well from "The Mod Squad".
  22. Freightliner FLA (fsba) 1/25

    Thank you vince, that info helps indeed, thank you for that. Later i found out that there are 2 sizes, the 2" and 3,5" kingpin. Ok guys, i made some little progress on this one. Everything of the chassis is painted now, and i attached the wiring for the brakes and air supply. The engine is in between the chassis and after placing the engine, i could attach the batterybox on his support. Then the exhaust pipe and a cover for this exhaust what i used from the CTM-set. On the back i exchanged the AMT mud flaps with the CTM mudflaps, because these mudflaps are much thinner and nicer than the thick ones. For these mud flaps i had to make new supports. For the trailer wires i still need to make the connectors. With these connectors i will make coloured rings for the red and blue wires, I could not find a suitable size of these coloured wires. For the front wheels i will use bud hole rims. I have some 1/24 rims and i converted them into a 1/25 version. Later i will look wich one looks better for this Freightliner, the standard AMT rims, or the modified 1/25 rims. And together with the cab...... Ok guys, that's it for today, then i will start to finish the front grill and make a start with the 2 bumpers and lower grills. The small cabine details will be attached when the cabine has been permanently installed, this is an easier and safer way to do with the small details, instead to pick up the cab and have the risk that something will break off ........... at the very last moment. To be continued. Hermann.
  23. Printed trailer

    Looks like a half way good starter though, better than not having one at all. The $110.00 is a bit scary though!! WOW.... Thanks for the info!!!
  24. Partial to Monte Carlos too

    Not a kit you see being done often anymore. The interior picture looks as if the hood in the background that you added stripes to the hood ? Like you I'm a Monte Carlo fan and previous owner. I had a super clean 1 owner '72 and a new '86 SS that I sold in 2001. Both provided perfect service with only standard maintenance and both saw 100k miles.
  25. Mid-Atlantic NNL 05/11/19

    Looked around for you Bill...but didn't see you...thought you might've left. Understand why you best not push it...you did after all make the Big One up in Jersey just a few days earlier !
  26. Thank you Hermann!!! I need to get some pics of the dolly up yet..
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