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  2. Partial to Monte Carlos too

    - 1983 - White or Blue exterior with blue graphics, two tone white and blue bench seat interior with woodgrain accents. Steel rally wheels with trim rings. - 1984 - White or Blue exterior with blue graphics, solid blue interior, bench or buckets available with woodgrain accents. I seems they went half way with these years to guage interest, since most interior parts were not specific to the SS. - 1985 - White, Silver, Burgandy and Black exteriors, red or burgandy multi toned stripes based on the color, with Burgandy or Gray interiors, black brushed interior accents with red striping, bench, 60/40 or bucket seats. - 1986 - White, Silver, Burgandy and Black exteriors, red or burgandy multi toned stripes based on the color, with Burgandy or Gray interiors, black brushed interior accents with red striping, bench, 60/40 or bucket seats. Aluminum 5 spoke wheels replaced the steels, third brake light was bolted in and and T-tops became available. - 1987 - White, Silver, Burgandy and Black exteriors, red, gray or gold multi toned stripes with purchaser's choice, with Burgandy, Gray or Tan plush interiors, Aerocoupe is added. - 1988 - Same as 1987, however, the brochure listed Gold as an additional color, but was never produced. My previous Montes: '71, '72, '74, '80, '85 SS, Silver with Gray (my first new car), 2002 SS, Silver with Black. I guess I've had a Monte sickness.
  3. 1966 AMC Ambassador

    Beautiful. Great color.
  4. 1977 1978 1979 Thunderbird progress

    wow, that's awesome !!!
  5. Porsche 935, Matchbox, 1/32

    Decals from Patto's Place going on. Excellent printing and thin carrier film, and very easy to use. The only issue is that they are deigned against a 2D model of the real thing, not a specific kit. In this case, the gotcha turned out to be that Matchbox put the NACA ducts on the rear wings/fenders too far forward... That's the majority of the decals on. Still a few small ones to track down, and once they are all set thoroughly I can see that some work needs doing to bed the stripes in around the compound curves. Final clean up and detail painting to do, and she'll be ready for beauty shots... but not for a few days because we're off to Paris for the weekend... best, M.
  6. 1967 Plymouth GTX

    Thank you Larry.
  7. What did you see on the road today?

    Not quite on the road but close. A 3/4 ton 53 International with "borrowed" trim and a plywood tailgate. Anyone recognize the crest?
  8. Today
  9. Both are very good looking, the weathering is looking very convincing on the 70, looks like an old work horse. Cant wait to get started on my 66. I need to get one of those 4X4 versions.
  10. The Revell '64 Impala is like that also IIRC.
  11. 1966 AMC Ambassador

    She's a beauty. My uncle had one almost identical. Our bishop had a black one with red interior.
  12. Dencon - several months before I finally got a refund.
  13. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    he passed out
  14. Photo reduction

    That might be the easiest way for you. Pay a millennial to do it for you. I shot a photo of my neighbor's rear plate straight on. I made a copy, and used Paint to fill in the registration stickers on the copy. I then used Snipping tool in Windoze to cut the plate images from the larger photo and pasted them into Word. As Kurt said, US, Canadian, and Mexican plates should be right about 1/2 inch wide, and Word has a built-in ruler. I then printed them on photo paper. I have a pretty nice Canon printer / scanner at work. Better than the HP I have at home.
  15. 1966 AMC Ambassador

    nice save looks great
  16. 1968 charger rt

  17. Round2 1963 Cheverolet Impala Re-Release

    Good point, even the way the floor, and interior is laid out, resembles a die cast.
  18. I assume they attach with a post because that tooling originated w/ a diecast.
  19. Lifetime subscription

    Has there been n announcement for those of us NOT signed up for Paypal?
  20. Eldora Low 1970 Custom Cadillac

    Very nice job. I love the color.
  21. Lifetime subscription

    I don't think I have gotten the email, I'll have to look in my spam also, but I do know they are offering it, there is a post about it
  22. Round2 1963 Cheverolet Impala Re-Release

    Those headlights on the Revell grill are terrible in my opinion. I don’t know why they would attach with a post? Even if you paint them a flat aluminum color, the dimple still shows. Adding some BMF over the holes and going with a different lens seems to be the best route.
  23. Photo reduction

    Sounds like I need to pay a visit to the UPS store again. Thanks Kurt!
  24. 1969 Cadillac DeVille Convertible

    This is just spectacular!!! It looks like it’s ready to cruise down the boulevard. Really incredible work.
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