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  2. What did you see on the road today?

    Yesterday at about 10:30 in the morning I saw a Ford Model A two-door (in stock form) then that evening in another town I saw a Jaguar XJ-S (1980s, I think). A few days ago I saw a Model T, in restored form. The couple who got in it were a heck of a lot younger than what you might expect to see driving such a conveyance!
  3. Mercedes 540K

    Thanks! Some beautiful details shots there. I have only seen one car with the concealed spare tire. Only one that has the windshield wipers mounted on the cowl, and they are a parallel arrangement, not opposed like this model has? This model's are not even on the cowl, they are on the lower side of the windshield frame!
  4. 67 Corvette coupe

    Here is my wip of the revell 67 Corvette i scored off evilbay. I was going to use the body for another project but when i opened the box i decided to build it. I am building it box stock except for the wheels which are from the revell 32 ford kit but dechromed. iI have finished the chassis and interior and are now on to painting the body. Thanks for looking Lee
  5. Hooper & Co Diorama

    The flagpole has been scratch built and is now in place at the corner of the roof top. The bus stop down in the right corner of the photo is part of the 1:24 scale diorama baseboard, so it has no relation to the 1:43 scale building. Currently, the plywood baseboard for the 1:43 scale diorama is having a second sheet of plywood glued to it as an extra laminated layer, to deal with a severe case of warping at one edge only. This is why the smaller scale building has been placed alongside the larger scale building, while the glue dries over a 24 hour period. It is a bit of a mystery as to why only one relatively small area of the baseboard has suddenly decided to bend upwards, particularly around the corner where the bus stop is located. None of the other areas of the board have warped. David
  6. Fujimi Garage and Tools

    I've got this and Academy(?) Service Station kit. If I ever get to them, should be an awesome setup for a garage. If I ever get there. this is cool so far.
  7. Border Patrol

    I like it. Mark
  8. The Prisoner Lotus 7

    This was a project I could not resist. While hiking recently with a group we kept hearing what sounded like a bell dinging. It turned out it was one of the hiker’s cell-phones but I said it reminded me of the half-century-old TV series The Prisoner. One of the other hikers then told a story of how his wife had fallen in love with the Lotus 7 the main character in the show drove. My hiking friend told his wife way back then that he would buy her a Lotus 7 for her eightieth birthday; never thinking they would ever live that long as they were only thirty at the time. Well her eightieth birthday is the end of April and he had no Lotus 7 to give her or even one for her to have a ride. I just happened to have a 1/24 Tamiya Lotus 7 kit in my closet that I always planned to build a Prisoner version if I ever got around to it so this seemed like a perfect opportunity. This might also be the first model I have built directly out of the box for a very long time – just paint and glue. The model is not an exact replica in that the real car had wheels that were used on Elans and Europas. The only extra detail I added were the ignition wires, pinhead shifter and license plates. I was very impressed with this kit, which of course should be expected with a Tamiya kit. It was extremely well engineered in that the front suspension went together virtually without glue and it is poseable.
  9. Ferrari 275P/360M Restorod

    A lot of great work!
  10. Disteel Wheels Model T

    BTW if anyone has a spare tire from one of the above kits or another kit they want to check let me know, I would prefer just to get the tire, if i know what kit it comes from, than the whole kit
  11. 25 Ford TROG Racer

    Looking nice John.
  12. Myd Lyfe Crysis ?

    In the six months after turning 25, I had to get glasses (the names and numbers on the back of the jerseys of the hockey team were getting smaller and blurry), had the wisdom teeth cut out (three impacted) and had my knee scoped (torn meniscus play tennis)....30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 have been a walk in the park!
  13. Started drawing again

    Haven't been drawing cars in ages, decided to give it a try again, so here is my first finished drawing of a 1974 Plymouth Scamp.....
  14. I gave up on both of these long ago and recently bought diecast "mint" cars. But, they don't begin to compare with the fabulous work shown here. WoW!
  15. Koenig Mercedes 500SL

    Seeing where you started from, this is a very impressive build.
  16. Donnie Allison's Hawaiian Tropic Monte Carlo

    Looks good to me! Nice work!
  17. Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano(Fujimi)

    Very realistic!
  18. Today
  19. Ferrari 288 GTO Fujimi EM

    Well done!
  20. Here's some pictures I found online of someone doing the very same thing.
  21. Studebaker Atlantic custom concept

  22. Thanks i’ve been building Kbri Kits for over 20 years and other German kits as you mentioned thanks for the help those german kits are very nice and you’re right they’re highly detailed The trailer might be a lowboy or a flat I don’t know just yet I have to go through my stash and figure out what I’m going to use I still have several of the KBRI heavy haul kits left. Thanks Ronnie for the complement yes it will have a dual winch I have a picture of it in the parts layout
  23. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    or natural curves
  24. Simpsonville SC show

    I'm going, maybe even get a table to sell off some of the stash!
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