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  2. Thanks, Joe! Kevin, thanks. It is finished. The "Under Glass" link is here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/151889-lola-t89-f3000-car/
  3. As BA said to Hannibal "He's on the JAZZ again!" Wow - this is a wild one Martin. The older I get the tamer, my projects become, but it seems yours just get wilder. Good luck with this one. I'll enjoy watching this plan come together.
  4. James, thanks for sharing all that extra info.
  5. Hi Martin! Yes - I think a darker primer would work well. The Zero paints primer is a very light grey. Starting again will give me the chance to maybe use a different colour altogether. Now I only have the white and red decal options left, so gold may not work. I'm thinking of saving the gold on my '65 Galaxie project now. Thanks! Nice idea with the masking tape. I'm going to remember that one for the future.
  6. Matt, thanks for the feedback and correction about Daimled's own V8. I can remember their sports car being way out of sync with what they normally did. I think some UK police forces used a few of them. Did it have a GRP body?
  7. It's cool! Love the presentation, too. I just had a sprint car model out tonight, thinking about a future build...
  8. Superb! I wish I had the imagination to build one of these jet car's/steam punk vehicles.
  9. The build turned out very clean! Yes Tamiya kits do go together very easily but,,,,,,, There is a lot we can do to mess them up! Ummmmm jus dont ask me how i know that!
  10. Hi Lee, here's a photo of my project car on my Bonneville shelf in one of my display cabinets. yep, I gotta git her done ( copyright, snake 45!) . I still have the wooden moulds but haven't used my vacformer for ten years or so. I did buy some new rubber seals a while ago so maybe its time to fire it back up and pop out some new copies. I guess the tyranny of distance could be an issue but I often wondered why there wasn't much interest in vacform models - they have significant advantages over resin, especially when it comes to race cars. Getting back to the original poster's question - Tom, if you can get hold of good side on, head on and tail on shots of the Speed Demon, I reckon that would be a fairly easy model for me to master and vacform. Oh yeah, length, width, wheelbase and height would make it easier as well. The biggest issue, not insurmountable, is the canopy. When I last attempted clear vacforming, I was very disappointed wiht the results. I now ahve a mate who produces very nice slot car bodies and he has said he will teach me the tricks so I might have some learning ahead of me. I'm up for it - what do you think? Cheers Alan
  11. I have received the decals from Indycal but when sizing the vent decals against the body I decided that the kit is out of proportion, it is too short between the leading edge of the door and the rear of the front wheel opening. The front wheel openings themselves may also be a little small. As the body looks in perspective I decided to open the vents to suit the body instead of using the decals. Since it is a solid resin block this to a little work but I am happy with how it is coming along. Tks for looking and comments appreciated, good or bad!
  12. Thanks! I just started adding hoses until I filled all the empty spots. Not yet. I'd really like to show them all in one forum post. I said I was going to do it after I finished my last jet car. It's something I've been meaning to do. Maybe I can get to it this weekend.
  13. Great job Jim! Those flames are beautiful.
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  15. Looks like a fine model, and you did a great job building it Bruce! Reminds me of a Knox Fire Engine model from the same era I built several years ago. Mine is a bit smaller scale. I hope you don't mind me posting a photo.
  16. It’s not just Corona, the new can be depressing at times, when I listen to the radio it’s music and television I like entertainment. I feel for all the lives lost and people hurting in this country. I have no idea when it will be over...
  17. Both are great looking models!
  18. echoxrayniner - Will you be printing decals anytime soon? I contacted you about decals you were making for me and haven't heard back.
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