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  2. Good progress, Safak...... interesting textures to the walls and paving. Enjoy building this diorama. David
  3. I’ll take one of those boxes, please! Oh look- it comes with a grille!
  4. I lost interest in the Vette after '73... 🙄😬😡 Same with the Camaros.... Mustangs, Chevelles...
  5. For every single year? Lamborghini Miura. Lamborghini Espada Cadillac Vi16
  6. Very nice build , looks great , well done .
  7. Hello, Looking for the 8 3/4 rear axle assembly, two wheel backs with retainers from AMT 1971 Dodge Charger kit. Thanks. George
  8. Meaning one model line, from beginning of production to the end ? None
  9. I totally messed up the paint job on the Boss Mustang model I am working on.
  10. I absolutely love that XKE! The 60s was definitely the greatest era of drag racing.
  11. Cool looking old Ford. Nice style and colour. I think I like the steelies with baby moons best, especially with those tires. Very cool.
  12. Bainford

    '39 Ford 3-W

    Gorgeous build. The detail and cleanliness speak for themselves, but the custom body work is outstanding. All too often chops and sections don't flow right, looking a bit chunky. But yours is so smooth, the lines flowing beautifully. Truly masterful body mods. Oh, and under the hood, nothing cooler than a Nailhead with a bucket load of carburettors. All very cool and exceptionally well done.
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  14. Even the Corvette lost me in the 80s No appeal for me whatsoever! Steve
  15. No problem Gerry. I already have a solid deal in the making and another individual waiting if the first one falls through. It will likely be gone by the beginning of next week. Here are a couple of photos for anyone who cares to see what they missed out on! Steve
  16. Try kyoko@modelfactoryhiro.com
  17. Looking good from where I sit!
  18. Great looking paint work. Just a little suggestion since you're going for the showroom appearance. The A pillar has an area that would be painted white to match the roof color. This is between the vent window trim and the windshield trim. This is a very slim area that can easily be touched up by brush painting.
  19. The "Modern Classics" version goes why back. Maybe just clean it up a little and keep as is for old time sacs.
  20. This spring I replaced my old, 12 years and many hours, Sears riding lawn mower with a new Deere ridder. I guess you could think of it as a "starter " for a Deere collection.
  21. Leslie, my guess it was part of a tractor and has been set up as an external power plant, likely PTO by belt.
  22. Good point, and with that, for me, the only one that comes close would be the corvette. Initially, I was going to say chevelle/Malibu, but then I’d have to lump in the modern versions——- yuck....
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