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  2. billet pully sets

    Works for me...
  3. Mike,

    I see you talked about the Thumper Chassis build. I have heard about this in the past and cannot find it on line. Do you have a link to it?




  4. Revell 2019

    Thank you for that- that made me laugh, which I have really kind of needed the last few days!
  5. Porsche 904 GTS Carrera “Ecurie Lutéce”

    Good looking racecar. I especially like the under skin photos. A son of a past 904 racer has built a every convincing replica which I have recently seen locally so I have a rekindled appreciation of these significant cars.
  6. Johan `68 Olds 442_Long Shot

    It included the hood, grill, grill inserts, rear bumper and tail lights. It wasn't even in the ballpark to fit the AMT 69. Width & height on everything was wrong. After that I picked up the promo & figured I'd use the new Modelhaus parts on it. I bought an SMH '70 Roadrunner body (Johan copy) and it was terrible. It looked like it was sand-cast, all the emblems were MIA and what details it did have were super vague. I'll never buy another SMH cast anything.
  7. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    Very neat foil work. Tedious stuff!
  8. Real nice work so far,i'm enjoying this thread.
  9. Great color!and a great looking build!.
  10. Today
  11. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    Take a drive into Fargo, the shop on 17th Avenue should have some foil..
  12. Johan `68 Olds 442_Long Shot

    Thanks for the heads up. I just might table this one and opt for the SMH Resin kit. I only wished the hood was separate. Most likely it was mastered from a promo. But, its a far sight better than what I currently working with.
  13. Johan `68 Olds 442_Long Shot

    I acquired mine at a garage sale for $1.00. At the time it seem like a good deal but the more I look at it I`m not sure. You say you have seen them on eBay for $400 & $700..sweet Jesus that's so over the top for a kit! Just curious what did the Modelhaus conversion include? And, what were the challenges that you encountered with converting the `69 to a `68?
  14. Revellogram AAR Cuda

    Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe I'll drag it out for Round 5 of the BOYD Completion Build, if we have one. All I have to do is trim the left rear fender to match the corrected right one, and then "pull out" the overly under-tucked lower rear fenders behind the rear wheels, a job I haven't been looking forward to. (And then matching up the rear lower pan to that.) What's kept me from finishing it was realizing that even if I got the body mods done, neither set of kit stripe decals would fit my new contours. But the decals in the NEW kit might work fine. It'll be great if they come in both black and white, so I can build both kits, both the new one and my old one. Not long ago I bought a glue bomb JoHan '71 S&M Cuda, which I"m planning to use the new '70 grille in and build a nice S&M '70 racer, kitbashing the best parts of both kits. BTW, if you decide to follow my lead on the 2nd gen AAR kit, if I were doing it again, I'd move the roof back just a hair MORE--maybe about .040 more. I was definitely on the right trail with my mod, but didn't go QUOTE far enough. It never occurred to me at the time to take measurements or comparisons with the JoHan '71 body, I just did it by guess and eyeball.
  15. Johan `68 Olds 442_Long Shot

    I`ve done some parliamentary fitting. Overall the AMT `69 seems a tad wide than the Johan `68. The chassis and interior tub from the `69 AMT 442 thought a tad snug will fit the `68 body. The windshield with some finagling will fit as well. However there is no door side vent glass..so you will have to source that from elsewhere. You are correct the `68 for some odd reason is missing the radiator brace detail (could be because of the funny car build option) and the `69 AMT car will provide that missing assembly. I hadn't thought of swooping out the cowl assembly, but that might be a good idea. It certainly has more refined cowl vent detail as well as windshield wipers. The molded in tabs that Johan uses for the hood hinges will have to be removed from the Johan hood are the `69 cowl will have to be modified to accommodate the tabs. Hopefully, this advance reconnaissance report will help when you start your build. :-)
  16. Revellogram AAR Cuda

    If nothing else , the c.1995 and c.2007 issues ( botched attempts ) are good for their better engine compartment pieces for use in the 1971 Hemi 'Cuda . Same goes for its unfettered chassis (borrowed from the Monogram 1970 Challenger T/A from c.1983) --- no moulded-in exhaust with the undersized mufflers !
  17. What Irked You Today?

    I have a LOT of bushes to trim so I don't think that a cordless would work out for me that well.
  18. Crager rims

    PM sent !
  19. Forty-Mine: 49 Ford & Probe greenhouse mash-up

    Hi Geoff! Interesting read. I had an old Car & Driver that ran a feature on the design and construction of the coupe version (with a real motor train), but nowhere did it mention the input of Mr. Foose in said article. Yours goes further. Interesting to see old concept cars fetching so little (60K$) in comparison to their construction cost! These two pups must have cost close to 600K$ in all. As the experts said: "money spent on marketing is never lost, it is INVESTED". And Henry Ford himself said: "to cut marketing to save money is like... stopping your watch to save time". Amen. CT
  20. Revellogram AAR Cuda

    YEAH, you OUGHTTA. I recall being mightily impressed with that when you first broke it out. Might just follow your m o if I should decide to correct this one along with the new kit and the one I did in '95...
  21. Revellogram AAR Cuda

    About a decade ago, I started trying to fix that one. I moved the rear edge of the roof back about 1/8", then shaved down the tops of the rear quarters to a more accurate shape. I ought to dig that thing out and finish it--it might be better looking than the new one.
  22. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    That is one turd that no amount of polish will help. Not even sure if it's worth buying for some of the parts (engine, wheels/tires) as the Revell kit is so much better in so many ways.
  23. door lines

    this is what the model looks like. hopefully this link works
  24. Techno Bubble 41 Willys Bonneville car

    Hi! Thank you Mike for the praise. Salt flats devotees are few and far between, but I keep mining that vein, and I'm not finished yet! Thank you Mr.Woodruff. Since we are on the subject of genealogy... any relation with Len Woodruff, the famous modeler from Texas? If so, it would prove that styrene fever runs in the family... CT
  25. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    get another playmate
  26. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    Thats a lot of foil work in there Steve. Looking great though
  27. Rising Sun Oni of Hate in progress

    Small pics of progress. A wash and some transitional work. I had a bunch of beers with the local 40K chapter. I'm giving a lecture on washes and highlighting in 2 days and wanted the place to be ready. truth be told the guys at Game King in Fall River Mass couldn't be kinder. I have yet to nail down specifics at it seems to be random but there is some weight that I am a master painter heading there to help bring the level UP a notch. Judging by the local work it needs a "Notching Up" I'm on board to see it gets done properly.
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