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  2. ZZ Top Eliminator

    The Eliminator is now Under Glass.
  3. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    with razor wire fences
  4. Kids today...

    Want to see kids building models ? Mention the word Gundam and watch their interest level change. These are a Huge model kit business and though we my not speak their language they are as interested in these as we are in car modeling. Different generation , different set of interests.
  5. That's what I usually do and they get quite even.
  6. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    Following along to see how you handle the engine compartment.
  7. ZZ Top Eliminator

    Thanks much, Keith, Carl, Jeremy, and Jim!
  8. AMT 68 Camaro

    Finally back at the bench after 3-4 years. When I last posted on a regular basis I was doing a dual Camaro build involving the AMT 68 and Revell 69 kits. I have almost finished the 68. Just need to foil the door handles. All OOB except the exhaust system.
  9. ZZ Top Eliminator

    Thank you, I’m pleased to hear that!
  10. Mustang GTS 2 Daytona 95 ( Paul Newman)

    Nice to see a 1/43 kit on here and a Mustang no less.
  11. Thanks again Jon. I will keep R&M in mind. Thank you Ace, this should come in handy. I need to put the bondo on my list of stuff to get. I have other projects I need it for anyway. I am interested in your use of fiberglass and I'll be looking for info on here for that in the near future.
  12. Italari American wrecker truck

    More work on the wrecker and dio.
  13. This is the Provence Moulage 43rd kit of Paul Newman. Very little clean up on the body and the other resins parts in the kit. The cage is a one piece white metal part that you bend to shape. Wheels are metal sleeve with a brass center that I sanded with 3000 sanding sponge. The wheels are on just for a mock up
  14. James, that is one of the reasons I picked that S-10 kit. I had the 2002 boxing. But that was 17 years ago, and it seems due for a comeback.
  15. No, the Revell kit DOES NOT have a hood, and the spacing of the grille shell from the firewall on that kit may be noticeably longer than what you'll want for the car you're doing. But have no fear; building a custom hood to fit any combination of firewall and grille isn't too hard. None of the hoods I had fit this '29 firewall and the Miller-style nose, so I made up templates for the two by tracing on .030 styrene and gluing to a rough hood. Then fill it up to the right level with a 2-part filler like Bondo Professional spot/glazing putty.
  16. Ford GT

    Thank you for the comments. The kit is the new Tamiya kit. I’m a fan of the older ones myself as well,but got the kit at a good price. The kit is worth picking up. The engineering that Tamiya did on this kit is amazing. How thin the plastic is molded and how the kit goes together is quite special. I did have problems with painting the plastic had to wash and prime the body. Highly recommend the kit
  17. I believe comes with the hood and sides. Correction it does not come with a 32 grille, GRilles and flatheads are easy to come by. I have been getting my parts from R&M . But with a minimum $30 Card order it adds up. I have been building a Flathead with SCOT blower and Ardun heads with only using R&M parts, so far the bill has been almost $80 (over 30 engine parts ). Looking forward to seeing your build. Jon
  18. 2 kits to trade

    The F1 kit is complete. The Jaguar has no side windows and the door panels have been hacked up. I think that all the parts are there. I would like to trade for a 1969 Nova kit
  19. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    got this a couple of days ago so only 2 vw kits left to find, then its on to resin vws
  20. Today
  21. Started drawing again

    Can you draw in perspective? Where you can see the front and the side at the same time? I've drawn since I could hold a pencil ,but I can't now due to eye problems. Hope to get that fixed some day soon. I have some things posted on here,just scroll down the list. Good luck!
  22. 67 Corvette coupe

    Looks great, and those wheels and tires are perfect! Still not tired of seeing those 2nd gen Vettes!
  23. If you have a power-drill, you can turn soft wood, shaping it with sandpaper glued to a rigid block. Also, don't overlook common household things that might have the right taper. I just scouted around the kitchen for a couple of minutes and found a mustard bottle, a submarine-dressing bottle, and a couple of knives that could all supply a taper for a trans tunnel. For forming straight curved sections, X-Acto handles work great too.
  24. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    I'm lovin' it! I have one, Fujimi, molded in yellow that I've toyed with opening up, but I'd put a Blue Oval power plant in it! Gotta get that resin transaxle, looks cool! A few years ago a friend brought this one up from Florida, but I don't think I'd go that extreme with my model!
  25. Thanks again BTD, that is a good reference. I had concentrated more on the 29 yesterday as he had told me previously it was his favorite. I would think that you will be correct on the interior. He told me that the 55 was a 7000 mile car when he purchased it. I doubt much, if anything, was done to change the interior.
  26. '66 Falcon B/FX

    Decided to go with a dual quad setup in lieu of the Webers. Not aware of 2-4V setup for a SBF in scale so I modified the unit from the Revell 427 Cobra SC.
  27. ISO AMT '65 Riviera Hood

    I got ya covered Snake. I think I can trust you. I don't want anything in return anyway. I'm in the middle of being floodded out right now though so if you can wait a week or so,,,
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