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  2. "Doodlebug"

    I am glad that you are fixing this up. I like it.
  3. MPC '69 Impala Hardtop restoration

    You're a braver man than I ! Most "paint thinners" are petroleum distillates, (mineral spirits) and are about as safe for plastic as gasoline! Just be cognoscente that all paint thinners are not the same and not interchangeable for applications like this. Polystyrene plastic, (the same stuff that Styrofoam is made of) is highly unstable and does not play well with almost any solvent. That's why you see so much discussion around here about what is safe to use for stripping and painting models. I wouldn't want some poor novice visitor to the forum get the impression that they can drop their prized rare model into any old paint thinner to strip it! Steve
  4. Ford Torino - Revell 1/25

    I owned a brown 74 4 door Torino that my father gave me as my first car.He was the original owner of the car.It was his business car.All I remember was I wished the car was a 2 door, cause I would’ve definitely would of built a S,&H replica. One of my favorite tv/movie cars, as well.I also always liked the opening credits for the show.
  5. Ed Pink Dragster

    Great job on that dragster build.
  6. '70 Plymouth Superbird

    Great job,and yes,Mopar should’ve built a few Super birds in black.They would be worth a XXXX A lT of $$..I mean these were obviously custom painted, but man that would one great looking car.
  7. 1966 AMC Marlin (Jo Han)

    Best looking one I've seen
  8. 1985 Olds Surpreme Brougham

    You've managed to capture the most iconic of 80's luxury coupes perfectly ! Those A/G Bodies from that era were delightful vehicles ; the Oldsmobile was the best . What did yours have under its bonnet ? 3.8 litre ? 5.0 litre Olds ? The 100 miles of vacuum lines and a full-complement of emissions equipment drained every last bit of power from those engines ----- but , man , were they smooth and luxurious cars ! I still have the first edition of the Revell H/O Cutlass ( 1983 model ? ) and am yet to dive into it . Other than the 80's Monogram Monte Carlo "inspiration" ( e.g. , moulded-in coolant overflow bottle , windscreen washer bottle , and other details ) it appears to be a nice --and truly welcomed-- kit . Again , great 'Gutlass' !
  9. "Doodlebug"

    My father built "O Gauge" model trains and ran them on a layout that took up an entire 3-car garage and looped out into the back yard. I never got the train "bug", but I was fascinated watching him work with wood, metal, and plastic while building his collection. My father died of a heart attack in 1976, and some of his collection has followed me around for over 40 years. I recently found one of the prizes of his collection, a partially destroyed Santa Fe motor car which he built originally in 1940. After studying the remains to this unique vehicle, I set out to rebuild this 79 year of piece of history. My intention was to just clean it up and fix as much of the damage as I could, leaving as much of his original build as possible. The motorized passenger cars were unique little vehicles called "Doodlebugs". They plied the rural, low volume lines where large trains would be totally unprofitable. The unit I fixed represents a Santa Fe Doodlebug which I remember running the rails in the Texas Panhandle and New Mexico when I was a child. Below are three pictures of what I started with, and four of my completed project.
  10. Ed Pink Dragster

    Thanks for all the positive feedback
  11. 1/25 Firestone tire wanted

    Would one of these work for you?
  12. 1966 AMC Marlin (Jo Han)

    Very nice looking Marlin!
  13. 1985 Olds Surpreme Brougham

  14. 74 Buick Electra coupe

    nice work
  15. 1966 AMC Marlin (Jo Han)

    very very nice
  16. Lola T-70 Mk III

    Until the doors are modified and installed the work on the bulkhead and engine cover is on hold. The front roll bar was made the same way as the rear one.
  17. Ford Torino - Revell 1/25

    Next step on the body. It is original carcolor for this car.
  18. 1/25 Firestone tire wanted

    I found the one I thought I had, but it turned out to be the Goodyear version. Sorry.
  19. Today
  20. What diecast did you get today?

    Thanks for sharing your recent finds. All good looking stuff.
  21. Wellll Doggies Jethro, the truck looks better than ever!!
  22. 1985 Olds Surpreme Brougham

    Sharp...like the period AZ plate and other details.
  23. 1966 AMC Marlin (Jo Han)

    Absolutely beautiful. 👍
  24. Tom Carter

    here's his email addy: spotlighthobbies@aol.com and FB page https://www.facebook.com/tom.carter.75436
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