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need id help

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#1 faustus100


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Posted 03 October 2006 - 12:35 AM

hey guys-
i was wondering if anyone could help me id these parts.i think theyre from cars or motorcycles but i dont have the expertise to identify them
and this chassis


#2 kod38


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Posted 06 October 2006 - 07:53 PM

Star wars or something space related??
Doug R

#3 faustus100


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Posted 07 October 2006 - 01:36 AM

yeah Doug-the millennium falcon-im going to build one 1:1 scale(6 ft)
but it incorporates over 100 models(kitbashed)so far i have aquired 90
but there are some tank and car models that were used that i just cant id-most vintage ofcourse. :o

#4 Jairus


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Posted 07 October 2006 - 06:16 AM

Wow, you ARE building a replica! Something you got to remember is that the model guys in Hollywood raided the shelves of Hobby shops in 1975 or '76 to create that monster. Most of those kit pieces, even if correctly identified, may not be available right now.
Your best bet is to create the pieces from similar parts and pieces and leave it at that.

However, keep sending us these pictures... this is fun!

#1 looks like sub frame connectors cut from the floor pan of a Chevy Nova.

#2 could be an engine casting piece from a 1/8 scale motorcycle kit… like the oil filter on a Honda 750 with the tops of the fins ground down. It is setting on another casting from the transmission. Since there are other 1/8 scale motor parts in the mix there, ie: forks and a triple-tree, I just figured that #2 could also be motorcycle related…

#3 Looks like a piece from a Truck or trailer kit. A frame part!

#4 is a mix of pieces. The Frame rails are pretty thick for a model kit… more likely it’s a toy of a 55 - 57 Chevrolet (spare tire well next to the fuel tank). There is another couple of pieces stacked up over the “fuel tank” area. Could be the end of a Diesel truck fuel tank on top of some other non-descript piece. The “Mufflers” look too big to me, I think they were added over the cast in mufflers.

#5 Looks too much like a transmission and tail shaft minus the bell housing. But it could just be the placement in piece #4