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Semi- truck Track racer Contest

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#1 Guest_zebm1_*

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Posted 04 November 2006 - 06:01 PM

ran into gowjob in PSAB Chat and he is also committed to this contest, ran off to eBay with his ideas, that makes 15 semi-pro modelers committed so far and tha contest Officially starts Feb. 1, 2007...pics into Model Cars mag by tha end of April, sos Jairus and Gregg ken get their gobsmacked minds around these creative exercised .......or is it excised...hmmmmmmm, models, and judge 1st,2nd and 3rd by Carburetion Day, Indy.

Ordered my truck today, it has a twin-turbo straight eight.

I plan to formalize tha rules by end of Nov. hope to get Jairus to put ina small announcement of a rather unique contest.

3rd draft:

1. This is an UNLIMITED Semi-Racer Class , capable of racing Indy during May.

2. Start with a semi-truck, any year ( but it also has to start with engines available for that truck/frame).

3. All body mods are legal, BUT stock height windows must remain same size as when yu bought them. i.e. Wings, valances, side pods, channeling....how creative are ya? But ya gotta start with stock truck frame rails. Suspensions......IT'S an unlimited class yall!

4. Facsimile 5th wheel required.

5. Engine mods.....IT's an unlimited class, but it has to be beliveable.

6. Tires - Rockstone Blasters are legal, ifn yu think they culd really handle 175-95 mph at Indy.

7. Any semi from any part of tha world is acceptable, as long as a real world stock truck could pull a loaded 40 ft. trailer to 70 mph.

Now these models aren't to be caricatures ala Jairus or Thom Taylor or Brad Leisure, but believeable racers in tha Yunick tradition of Indy racers. BTW, Jairus don't think there's enuff modelers out there with any creative fire left in their veins, not for a contest tha likes of which they have nevah entered...just for Bragging Rights for a year.

Notes: Seems to be some out there who like Pike's Peak semis and some that like LSR Bonneville semi record racers. I figger we only get 4 total outa both kinds...they gotta compete by tha Indy Rules, BUT ifn we get 4 of each......separate classes....for this tha 1st year and then we see whot happens.

Kinda wunder how yu Yangees are gonna do up agin us ol' moonshineing Suthern boys. UU

Now how did thet dude use Powerpoint and Paint to make decals.......hmmmmm

Any good suggestions, I'll put 'em to tha committee.

#2 gowjobs


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Posted 04 November 2006 - 06:16 PM


I've got a couple of ideas stewing in my brain - after looking at European and American circuit and oval racing trucks, I think there are some definite possibilities, including open-wheel variants. :twisted: You deep-South roundy-round stock car ya-hoos will just have to eat some of my West coast dust.

#3 Guest_zebm1_*

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Posted 04 November 2006 - 06:31 PM

ya know gowj, this is gonna be a sprint race...from Feb. 1 to Apr 30th.....kinda like tha real trucks would have to race Indy..... I don't think real semi-racers could last much longer than say a 150-200 mile race without really KISSING tha walls or blasting holes in tha pavement when those HI-Perf diesals grenade!

Hey, hey....kinda makes tha playing field less bumpy, ya think?

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Posted 04 November 2006 - 06:55 PM

I noticed these guys don't run 5th Wheels on their racing trucks:
Back in the roadster days, a diesel-powered entry nearly won Indy. I think running big rigs on a banked oval for 500 miles would be all about tires. On a road course, it's more about brakes.

#5 Guest_zebm1_*

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Posted 04 November 2006 - 10:37 PM

We're doing a sprint race model build off for bragging rights Dave, 200 mile Indy race on 9 degree banks....Feb. 01 to April 30....that's only 3 months to build....ifn we can get Geary an sum others, they gotta plan faster than they are used to, ina new medium. I think is balances tha JHousting Field.

I figger any pro, who can't come down to semi-pro and build a semi-track racer....in an Unlimited Racer Class, is flat missing tha oportunity to really shine! Brightly!

This is an Honor Contest...in tha Yunick tradition Dave.

Keep planning guy,



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Posted 11 November 2006 - 05:52 AM

Cool truck racing video here..from Calgary