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What happened while I was away???

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Posted 07 September 2009 - 06:24 AM

Hey guys (and gals)! First off, absolutely great site! The knowledge base here is incredible and the spirit of cooperation is great.

I am a model car vet from back in the day. I am now 34, but I used to build about a kit a week as a kid up through high school. Every week I'd go to Wal-Mart with the folks every week and pick up a new kit. My dad built a few 1:1 pro streeters, so I loved to build similar rides. I also loved watching drag racing, so I build countless pro stocks, funny cars, and top fuelers.

As I "grew out" of the hobby around my junior year of high school in the early 90's, I recall the model section in Wally World seemed to get smaller and smaller. I also stopped following NHRA.

All that changed this weekend when I decided to take my dad to Indy for the US Nationals. Man, it brought back memories! I don't know why I quit following drag racing, but it was an awesome experience. I came home with the intention of buying a few kits and hopefully getting my son started building models. What I have discovered is almost tragic.

Back in the day, you could pretty much buy any prominent drag racer's ride you wanted. I thought I'd start off with a John Force funny car for my son and an Ashley Force car for my daughter. Trouble is, I can't find them anywhere! Am I such a relic that I recall those days? Can you not do that anymore? I have been to Revell's website and AMT (now Round 2??) with no luck.

Am I stuck scrounging for old kits on ebay if I want to avoid the travesty that is die cast replicas for my kids? What do you all do to build "new" drag replicas? Any info you could provide would be appreciated.

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Posted 07 September 2009 - 06:51 AM

Duhhh, I'm NO WHERE NEAR qualified to answer this question, but,I'll throw my bit into the pool! Depending on how long you been gone, YEAH, ALOT of stuff is different. First, notice the PRICE on our stuff! Even the little stuff, glue, paint, sandin tools, X-atos,EVERYTHING is more expensive. Next, the big company's have frogotten that we were given 'em FREE ADVERTISIN, and decided THEY wanted a peice of the little bitty Pocket Pie that makes up our hobby, so they go after the aftermarket guys to MAKE them pay royalties,or cease an desist! I think even Slixx doesn't make the decals your lookin for! But check 'em out, they make SO much stuff they're bound to have something you can use! As for out an out Pro-Stock kits, ya, you MAY be outta luck! :rolleyes:

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Posted 07 September 2009 - 07:39 AM

Manufacturer's licensing fees have basically caused kitmakers to stop releasing any current drag and race car kits. Heck, model companies don't even put the lettering on the tire sidewalls anymore, because the tire mfgrs. demanded too much $$$. :rolleyes: