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Looking for a truck model, need help to find.

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Posted 01 October 2009 - 03:42 PM

Alright i'm new here. I've built a few models in my life nothing to fancy though. I'm going to build a model for a contest and i need help finding what i want to build.

I'm looking for a dually truck. Chevy or ford it does not matter. I want a 4 door(fullsize), 4 wheel drive, short or long bed, and i'd like it to be a decent kit. Nothing easy, snap together, etc. There will be hundreds of people entering this contest, there is no limit to what you can build or how many of them. Though i already know most of the entries will be mini pick up trucks made to look bagged, body dropped, over big wheels, body shaved, etc. So intead of blending in with the crowd i want to stand out, it may help me win lol. So i want a kit that(i'm not sure of the lingo) is very detailed, lots of detailed peices, not snap together, parts that i can modify while constructing.

I'm not familar with scale sizes, i want a size like you would find at walmart/target, 1:24 i think? Maybe a little bigger, nothing crazy though.

I've looked on ebay, i've googled, checked several sites, and have not seen any duallys. And i'm still trying to find some good sites where i can order parts for it, like wheels,tires,lift kit parts,other little details,etc. I understand that i will not be able to buy everything, and that i'll need to modify parts with the kit or build my own also.

The 2 main things i want to do is alter the height that it comes as, and run what will look like big rig semi wheels. So if anyone also knows someone who may have already built something similar that i can look at to get ideas, please share the links.

So is that to much to ask?

Thank you.

- john

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Posted 02 October 2009 - 08:39 AM

John,you're pretty much SOL in the detailed dually department. There is only one dually that is detailed out there. That is the Monogram '91 F-350 dually extended cab 2wd. AMT did a Chevy extra cab,but it's a snap tite.They did a Dodge single cab that's a snap tite also. Sadly,that's all the choices/choice you have. Here's one on ebay now:

Well that sucks.

I looked for hours on ebay and did not see that f350. Thank you for posting that link. I'll have to bid and keep an eye on it til the last second cause i will win it lol. Cause i'm preety stuck on wanting to do a lifted dually with big rig wheels, exaust stacks, big drop down bumpers,etc , just like you see everyone doing in real life. I think it will stand out among the crowd

Now that thats my plan. I have another question for you or anyone for that matter. I will look also but, Does anyone know of any F150,250,350 models out there in that body style(mid 80's to late 90's) that are a 4 fullsize doors(crew cab)? Now that i know thats about my only choice for a dually, i still want to do the 4 full doors so i will have to peice together and modify other model parts to make my crew cab dually model.

And if they don't make the fullsize 4 doors model, how about just a regular cab f150-250 model that i could cut and mold into the dually model to make 4 full doors.

Now if i have to go the regular cab route, i'm preety hands on so i'm sure i can figure it all out. But what do i use to add to a plastic/resin model? Does someone sell flat sheets of this material that i could cut, and mold? I would have to cut the dually cab at the end of the doors, modify the regular cab model Cab, doors and front roof line to flow with the dually cab to make a seamless crew cab look. Thats where i need advice, what materials to use and where to get them.

thanks again.

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Posted 03 October 2009 - 09:46 AM

I know All American Models did a resin '88-'91 GM crew cab dually kit, but I've not seen one in years. I think he also did a duallly bed for the AMT '92-style Ford kits, but I'm not 100% sure on that. Yeah- to echo what everybody else has said, your choices for a dually pickup kit are pretty much limited to the Monogram Ford (a very nice kit, by the way), or the AMT snappers (again, both nice kits, but not full detail).

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Posted 06 October 2009 - 04:49 AM

I checked my stash as well, all I have is the Monogram kit; 1/24, F-350 "Duallie" crew cab 2wd.

I like your idea, there is a 1:1 Ford Super Duty done up like that in my area. It looks pretty cool.

There is a 4dr duallie resin kit but I forget who makes it, I've seen it in one of the mags.

Good luck with the project.