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How long have you been modeling?

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#61 oldcars


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Posted 21 February 2011 - 01:17 PM

Started in 1953(age 8) with planes,ships, tanks,etc. Built first car kit in 1958 and quit the other plastic(Darn you AMT). I think I actually built better models in the 60's than I do now. Had cool ideas on how to customize back then. Now I spend more time looking in boxes than anything else. Have many happy memories though. B) Richard

#62 Green Duster

Green Duster

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Posted 22 February 2011 - 04:14 AM

I built my first at the age age 5. I did stop for a while in my late teen years and
when I first got married. But I'm building strong again. I'm 56, will be 57 in april.
Yeah, I've been building for quite a while.

#63 Junkman


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Posted 23 February 2011 - 12:47 AM

It must be getting close to 40 years now. I probably should start learning how to do it eventually.

#64 Billy Kingsley

Billy Kingsley

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Posted 24 February 2011 - 02:59 AM

I began this adventure on November 7th, 1999. I know this because I painted it on the back of the cab, where it's hidden by the bed.
I finished it the next day, then built am AMT 1994 Mustang that I had recievd for a Christmas gift when it was new, 5 years previous. Then I went to Wal-Maart and got what would be kits #3 and 4, Revell's 48 Woody and 66 GTO respectivly. Then, another trip to Wal-Mart and a cart full of models-my stash was born. (I have saved one of those kits unbuilt, although it does have a poorly applied paint job). Then, I discovered my LHS...

Posted Image

I have MOST of my models. Some went missing. Some fell apart. I hope to find the missing ones someday but I'm not overly concerned about them because they were the AMT prepaints which were the only thing I could bring myself to do in 2002.

I was 15 when I started, by about a week less than a month. I have not stopped yet but I have gotten close a few times. I doubt I'll ever stop totally, the longest I've gone without doing something in the hobby was about 8 months.

Finished 272 models to date, including one in 2011 already. Of that number maybe 1/3 could be considered good if being generous, but I don't care, I am having fun. I built cars only until 2009 but since then I have tried a little of pretty much anything.

#65 Keef


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Posted 24 February 2011 - 03:59 AM

off and on ive been building, buying, trading, or collecting since i was 12 so i guess that would be about 28 yrs

#66 MrObsessive


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Posted 24 February 2011 - 04:18 AM

It will be 33 years for me come this fall.............didn't get started until I was 17 and in my last year of high school. IIRC, my first model was Monogram's very recently new '57 Corvette kit. I had stopped for a couple years in the mid '80's, but picked it back up again and haven't looked back. :D

#67 Jairus


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Posted 24 February 2011 - 06:50 AM

I was probably 8 years old (1967) when I "helped" my Dad build a model kit on my Grandma's kitchen table. That was AMT's 1954 Ford pickup and I just loved the details in that little box of heaven! He gave me that truck when it was done and later on bought me and My brother each various models (1/32 and 1/24th) and for the next few years we struggled to assemble... learning along the way. My regular request for Christmas and Birthdays for a long time were of course model kits.
Even hauled a few projects with me when I went off to College just to keep my nose in a hobby that I loved.
So I would have to say that I have been building models almost none-stop since 1968, some 42 years now. :)