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The Past Few Weeks

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#1 iBorg


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Posted 05 July 2012 - 04:59 AM

First let me explain this post......I've dropped the ball on a few trades. They're still in my mind but circumstances are making it difficult for me to follow through. I hope to in a couple of weeks.....may even think about building something.

A brief summary.
June 14 I have some sort of medical issue. I totally loose it for no reason. Something is wrong. I am barely able to drive and seek medical attention.
June 15- Doctor believes its a panic attack and suggest counseling
June 18- Spend all day in a Photoshop Training Seminar. A Good Day
June 19- I'm at my asthma doctor. I ask about meds causing the problem. He asks if I'm currently experiencing it. Yes. He orders me to my general practitioner for an EKG. After the EKG, my GP suggests I either go immediately to the ER or he can call the paramedics. My wife is there so we decide sh should drive. We run out of gas on the way to the ER. I now have a cardologist and I have an irregular heartbeat which has been causing the more increasing and more severe panic attacks.
June 20- I receive a phone call from my wife to call my brother in law in Illinios ASAP. My sister isn't expected to live through the day. I travel from West Virginia to Kentucky to pick up my mother and travel to Normal-Bloomington Illinois.
June 22- I get a phone call from the ER that X-rays indicate I have nodules on my heart.
June 24- return home.
June 25 Get CT scan and visit my cardologist. I'm doing much better on meds to control my heartbeat. I haven't scared my son or myself since starting them. I ask about Boy Scout camp. He suggests I go and try to "catch my breath."
I BOOK to camp, a phone free, computer free world.
June 29- the last night of camp we're told to either shelter in place in our tents or go to the mess hall. After initally deciding to shelter in place we decide to move to the mess hall. While driving there, the road is blocked by trees. We send the boys with a couple of leaders off. Those of us with vehicles try to get them where they are less likely to be damaged.
June 30- No injuries. We leave camp and have to detour to get home. A two and a half hour drive is over five. Nearly two hours are spent waiting for gas. I arrive home with no power. My Internet access is McDonalds for breakfast. My man cave/modeling room is now a darkened cave.
July 5- We're told it will be at least Sunday. As soon as we get power and are certain of no damage, we're on the road to the in-laws. This is seriously the only week we can travel as a family until November.

SORRY I've dropped my end. I will pick it up in a couple of weeks.


#2 Joe Handley

Joe Handley

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Posted 05 July 2012 - 05:12 AM

Sounds like good reasons to me, best of luck to you and your's!

#3 cobraman


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Posted 05 July 2012 - 05:23 AM

I wish you the best of luck and hope things will get better.

#4 edrothooo



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Posted 05 July 2012 - 06:18 AM

Yea mike,get well soon,hope you have a speedy recovery

#5 route66modeler


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Posted 05 July 2012 - 08:26 AM

HI, hope you get well soon. Your health is a lot more important than the hobby. Steve

#6 Greg Myers

Greg Myers

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Posted 05 July 2012 - 10:39 AM

First things first.Take care of your self.

#7 crazyjim


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Posted 05 July 2012 - 11:22 AM

Gotta take care of yourself, first.

#8 Bartster


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Posted 05 July 2012 - 11:58 AM

$#!+ happens!! Hang in there, bro. Extra good vibes comin' your way from Texas! Bart.

#9 mikemodeler


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Posted 05 July 2012 - 02:46 PM

Trades can wait, take care of your health and family before worrying about some plastic parts!