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Posted 09 March 2013 - 08:11 AM

The aim of this post is to list each aftermarket company and their contact info so all can be easily found in one "go to" post. If the company's phone, e-mail, etc. are listed on their website, please post only the website link.


I will update this post as new contact information is posted. Thank you to all who have contributed so far. Please keep in mind this list is for companies which produce aftermarket products, not resellers or mass merchandisers.




Here's the list of companies and their contact info, in alphabetical order:


A&N Model Trucks - http://an-modeltrucks.com/


Aardvark Models - http://www.aardvarkmodels.com/


ABC Specialties Resin Casting - http://public.fotki....Goodguyinar416/


Acu-Stion - http://www.acustion....dex.html2e.html


Air Trax - raurata@yahoo.com


Alpha Abrasives - http://www.alphaabra...y-abrasives.php


Altered States Models - http://www.alteredstatesmodels.com/


Alumilite - http://www.alumilite.com/


American Industrial Truck Models (AITM) - http://www.aitruckmodels.com/


Archer Transfers - http://www.archertransfers.com/


Bandit Resins - http://www.banditresins.com/


Big Donkey Resin - http://www.bigdonkeyresin.com/


Billbozo Decals - http://www.bilbozode....com/index.html

Chuck Boener - stang1forever@yahoo.com


Competition Resins -  http://www.compresin...1597/page/45029


Crazy Scale Auto Parts - http://crazyscaleautoparts.com/


Dirt Modeler - http://www.dirtmodel...ute=common/home


Dr. Cranky's Lab-RAT-ory - http://www.doctorcrankyslabratory.com/


Donn Yost's site - http://www.oldmansmodels.com/


Drag City Casting - lowcab36@epix.net 


Early Years Resin - http://earlyyearsresin.webs.com/


Fireball Modelworks - http://www.fireballmodels.info/


Firebird Designs - http://firebird-designs.ecrater.com/


Flashpoint Motorsports - http://flashpointmot...s.com/Index.asp


Freeman Cars - freemancars@yahoo.com


futurattraction - http://www.futurattr....com/index.html


Gopher Racing Decals - http://www.masonb2b....ecals_s/242.htm


Harts Parts Resins - http://www.hartspartsresin.com/


Hendrix Resin - http://resinrealm.ne...lery/index.html


Jimmy Flintstone - http://www.jimmyflintstonestudios.com/


Keith Marks Decals - http://public.fotki.com/mofobow/


Kit Form Services - http://www.kitformservices.com/


Kitchen Table Resins - http://public.fotki....ble_resin_kits/


Machined Aluminum Specialties: terry.kinnear@yahoo.com  (814) 282-9244


Majestic Resin Australia - thezodiac@bigpond.com


Ma's resin - cnaind@ptd.net


Mark Johnson - mjaafd1@msn.com


MCW Automotive Finishes - http://www.mcwautomotivefinishes.com/


Micro Nitro - http://www.micronitro.net/


Mill City Replicas - milcityrep@aol.com


Missing Link Resin Casters - http://www.missinglinkrc.com/


The Model Car Garage - http://www.modelcarg.../pc/default.asp


The Modelhaus - http://www.modelhaus.com/


Models by Dave - http://modelsbydave.com/


Model Scientists - http://www.modelscie...collections/all


Morgan Automotive Detail - http://www.madmodeling.com/store/


Motor City Resin Casters - http://www.motorcity....com/index2.htm


Owencraft - http://www.owencraft...ndle.html#index


P & P Resin Works - http://www.ppvintage....com/index.html


The Parts Box - http://thepartsbox.com/


Pegasus - http://www.pegasushobbies.com/rims.htm


Plastic Dreams - http://plasticdreamc...m/plasticdreams


Plastic Performance Products - http://earlyyearsres...performance.htm


Pro Tech - http://protechmodelparts.com/index.htm


Promolite 2000 - promolite2000@aol.com


Race Motor Replicas - http://rmrresin.webs.com/


Replicas & Miniatures Company of Maryland - replmincomd@aol.com


The Resin Realm - http://www.resinrealm.net/


R B Motion - http://www.rbmotion.com/


Sourkraut's Model Trucks - http://www.sourkrautsmodeltrucks.com/


Scale Auto Details - http://public.fotki....aleautodetails/ - doctordwp@gmail.com


Scale Dreams - http://stores.scaledreams.com


Scale Finishes - http://scalefinishes.com/


Scale Hardware - http://scalehardware.com/


Scale Modeling by Chris - http://www.scalemodelingbychris.com/


Scale Production - http://www.scaleproduction.de/


Scale Repros Plus - http://www.scalerepr...s.com/index.php


Scenes Unlimited - http://scenesunlimit...om/diorama.html


Slixx decals - http://www.slixx.com/


Smooth-On - http://www.smooth-on.com/


Sourkraut's Model Trucks - http://sourkrautsmodeltrucks.com/


Spaulding Trading and Shipping - http://www.stsmodeltrucks.com/


Speed City Resin     http://www.speedcity...m/MoparPage.htm


Star Models - http://www.resinreal...STARModels.html


TDR Innovations - http://www.tdrcatalo...vlet/StoreFront


Top End Decals - jackksmith@comcast.net


VCG Resins http://vcgresin.atspace.com/


Vintage Racing Miniatures - http://www.v-r-m.com/


Vinyl Nation - http://www.vinylnationdecals.com/

Whoopie Kat Decals - http://whoopiekatdecals.com/

Wildhare Models - http://www.wildharemodels.com/