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1956 Austin Healey 100-Six

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Posted 05 November 2013 - 09:14 PM

Since the lack of decent wheels in this kit have kept some from building it, perhaps one could consider fitting steel wheels, instead of wire wheels.    The standard equipment wheels on 100-Six and earlier 3000 Healeys were steel disc wheels (and, as I recall, they had a row of rather small round holes in them, plus a rather basic center cap).   They were bolted on, and did not employ knock offs like those on the optional wire wheels.   btw - the wire wheels were painted silver, and not chromed; only the 2-ear knock offs were chromed.   They were very similar to those found on Triumph TR3s and MGBs, both available as plastic kits.  Perhaps a more knowledgeable modeler in the UK could suggest suitable wheels & center caps. . .


Another alternative would be to use Minilte wheels, as quite a few Healeys used them, esp those that were rallied, as did some that were road raced.  (Minilites were found on some Trans Am cars raced in the late '60s-'70, such as Bud Moore's '70 Mustangs & Penske's '69 Camaros.   There are some aftermarket sources for Minilites.   Herb Deaks offered them in white metal alloy that could be polished to a nice luster.   I've seen them done in resin, but do not remember who the casters were.    The more recent releases of Revell's '67 Corvette coupe (and possibly the convertible) includes an unplated set of Minilite type wheels.    AMT's '53 Studebaker also has a set of plated Minilite-type wheels in every release of that kit.   The wheels found in both the Vette and the Studebaker would need to be narrowed considerably for use on a Healey.   When seen on Healeys, they were painted silver, and not polished nor chromed.


btw - I'm quite partial to both Healeys and Minilite wheels, as I had a '60 Healey (w/ wire wheels) when in college, and had a set of Minilites that were polished on my '65 Corvair Corsa turbo coupe that I reluctantly parted with about 12 yrs aqo.    I also had a set of polished big 'n little Western Superlites - a close copy of Miniltes - on my '34 Ford roadster that also went down the road to a new home about 20 yrs ago.   

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