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HalfAssKustoms car club.

22 February 2015 - 05:25 AM

A near by Gas Station repair shop/contrary store was having a regrand opening after 40 yrs of being closed. They asked if the car club could come by and help reopen the corner store. So the club brought there cars and a band, set it all up and it was a heck of a turn out. 

They hung out tell late into the night dancing away, and taking hotrods. The grand opening was a smash hit.


Pics of the set up.






Then they opened and started playing music and dancing.





The 3rd Shop of HalfAssKustoms.

15 February 2015 - 06:37 AM

So the 2nd shop was doing so much business the club had to go find a much bigger place. They found out that they couldnt just find a old Gas Station anymore and needed a building built to suit there needs. Even got a showroom to display cars we've worked on.

The building got built and they moved in and getting all there tools in place and ordering more.











After just a few days the shop started working on cars there.






Just after a few yrs of being a club and getting noticed for the're kustom work on there cars. The club had turned into a business. And now has a 6-12 month waiting list.







From kustoms to RatRods we here at HalfAssKustoms can build it all.



NOTE: Sings and logo's are still being made for the side of the buildings.

The 2nd shop of HalfAssKustoms.

16 January 2015 - 06:21 AM

Well like I said on the 1st post........The club was getting so busy with customer cars, they had to find a bigger shop to work out of. So they went to down town and found a old Gas Station with a 2 bay garage hooked to it. With them being down town they have more access to part and foot traffic by there shop.







This new shop was mainly for just customer cars. The 1st shop was still there for mettings, fixing up club cars and hang outs.



After a few yrs there, yet again they were growing out of that place. and had to find a bigger place.


All built in 1/87 scale.

The 1st shop of HalfAssKustoms.

11 January 2015 - 08:06 AM

Somewhere in the deserts of socal. A small group of guys got together to start a car club called "HalfA_sKustoms". They found a old Gas Station that was abandoned, and took it over to make there hang out and shop to build there hotrods out of.




Slowly the club got known for building top notch HotRods. They ended up getting customer builds in the shop and a few yrs later had to find a better shop.



All built in 1/87 scale.