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In Topic: 1967 Ford Mustang GT Small Update.....7/27/14

Today, 07:20 AM

Thanks for the info Patrick!  Mike, that's a very good shot of the carb I can use! One other thing, would you happen to have a pic of the driver's side of the carb? I have some partial shots, but none of them show the return spring bracket and where that's located for the throttle. I can't tell if it's on the carb or on the intake manifold.


Thanks again!

I've seen more than one version, here are a few:







looks like you can mount it where it's convenient...depending on manual/auto trans.


Yesterday, 08:26 PM

are you sure the karts won't hit the model entry tables?  ;)


certainly looks like it lives up to the name "Hobbytown".

In Topic: Creating 1/24 scale Astroturf?

Yesterday, 08:22 PM

I would use green velvet but green velour should also work, just a slightly different texture.

In Topic: Heads up everyone...about a great section of this Forum you may be missing....

Yesterday, 09:32 AM

I know about this thread because I post my Good Guys pix from Arizona shows here.


How's that for a totally useless post that is still on subject?

In Topic: What Irked You Today?

27 July 2014 - 09:51 AM

Said the thoroughly modern man wearing his baseball cap backwards while driving the pretentious BMW with fartcan exhaust tip.    :P

you forgot to mention that he was posting a selfie to instagram at the same time.