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1/32nd Lindberg 1949 Ford Tudor Coupe Slot Car Conversion

05 October 2012 - 05:50 PM

Hi everyone!

I thought I'd share these progress pictures with you. I have taken Lindberg's 1949 Ford and using Evergreen Styrene sheets, built my own frame for the Monogram Tiger Slot Car Performance Parts.

Posted Image

Posted Image

The 1949 Ford with the body removed. All I need to do to finish the car is to enlarge the hole ahead of the front axel and add the front pick-ups. Once this is done, I can then paint it. It will be orange with black and white racing stripes and numbers.

Posted Image

After many hours (And many pains), I finally got the chassis finished!

It uses the Monogram 9 tooth pinion gear and the 26 tooth crown gear. I broke the outer crown gear spacer trying to force the plastic gear on the knurled axel.

All plastic pieces are Evergreen Styrene and the screws / metal parts are from an old stereo.

Posted Image

The underside of the car showing the magnet bar, gears and pickups.

Posted Image

The 1949 Ford after all the componients have been added. Now it's time for a paint job! ...coming soon!