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1962 Bel Air Bubbletop Build

22 July 2012 - 06:15 AM

Just love these Bubbletops! They're a bit pricey I decided to build one in scale. Used to build models in High School, so it's been awhile for me, Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated (within reason ; ). So here goes nothing. Enjoy!

Here's the car I'll recreate........ and here's what I'm starting with.
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Parts, parts, and more parts
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First thing for me was to get the stance right. Lower than Low with a slight rake. The taller tires out back should take care of the rake. The subject car has an Air Ride suspension so it can sit pretty low.
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I'll just have to modify the chassis a tad. I simply cut out the rear fender wells and channeled the body over the frame in the front a bit. Not the way I wanted to go because of all the work I'd need to do to the firewall, interior, etc. but its gives me the look i need.
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