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In Topic: Foose 68 firebird

31 October 2012 - 11:44 PM

yes the car in the show wasn't as low but still lower than the kit which is about the same height i went for

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In Topic: Foose 68 firebird

29 October 2012 - 10:18 PM

the disc rotors are just a decal not even plastic so you would think they could print a caliper on it too. i am happy with the dtance but i did want to lower it more but the cross member would be touching the ground and it would be unrealistic

In Topic: Landcruiser

15 October 2012 - 01:32 AM

looks better now on the shorten chassis and body just have to decide on what motor would love to find a v8 diesel like out of a hummer

In Topic: Landcruiser

14 October 2012 - 01:32 PM

starting the chassis today with a 4 link set up and diff strengtheners and now just decided to look thru stash for a couple of ford 9 inch diffs to convert