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'69 Z28 Camaro (text edit)

06 October 2012 - 03:49 PM

So the last thing I was working on 10 years ago before I had to put away my hobby was this, a 1969 Z28 Camaro. I was doing it for a friend of mine who really likes this car. Well, until he got his awesome job and now drives a 2005 Corvette. (Sigh). I had originally did most of the work for this. The only thing I needed was the body paint. Well I had screwed that up royally. I ended up sanding the car down and loosing some of the details. I bought the Camaro detail set from Model Car Garage, so no harm no foul there. But, when I did the interior paint originally I had zero space to spray paint as I lived in San Francisco in an apartment. I had tried using an acrylic spray that was non toxic. It worked great. The color came out smooth and it dried quickly to be handled. Unfortunately it also remained ever so slightly tacky, so it collected amazing amounts of dust and lint. I had put ALL the detail into the interior, the dash, the console, the gear box, etc...Well I found it and took it out. I quickly dismantled the whole thing and only managed to break one part that's easily fixable. So after cleaning off the old paint, I have started the process to get it all reworked. I have slightly changed my plan for the interior colors, and managed to reshoot the body paint, and I am not unhappy with it. Oh, and one more thing, I really wanted to stick a Viper engine in it. So enough talk, the build!
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If you look real close at the fan shroud piece, you can see where I broke it. I don't even think it was attached, I think I just broke it painting it.
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The concept!
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I am going to try and mask the center seat parts, and do the spray glue technique for a 'vinyl look'. Then spray the outer part of the seat black.

It's nothing ground breaking, but it will be the second one I'll be completing after my extended break.

Thanks for looking. :D

1967 Chevelle

03 October 2012 - 07:44 AM

I did this mainly to get back into the hobby after a 10 year absence from it. I did a lot of these in college. My Junior and Senior year were tough so I put them in storage. Life happened, I have a family, and a house, etc...and now finally 10 years later i have time to do them. So I thought I would make as many mistakes as possible doing this one so I can focus on the other ones I have in line.

So, it has problems, I know, but it was great relearning all the little tricks I once knew. My biggest mistake was not paying attention to the weather one day when I was spray painting the metallic black on the body. It started to sprinkle as I was putting on the final coat. A big drop of water smacked it on the driver front fender and caused these little craters to appear on the body. I never sanded them out, and I never glossed the body. But I proceeded forward knowing not to do THAT next time (spray on cloudy days!). I put only the detail on the car that comes with it, in other words, nothing after market. Regardless I'm still happy with how it turned out, mistakes and all. I hope someone out there enjoys it too.

Thanks for looking!
(Oh, and I'm making license plates at work with my sticker paper...so those are missing still, but not forgotten!) :D
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Oops! Forgot to post the full body shot! I was so concerned with the details.
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