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In Topic: amt modified stockers

10 July 2014 - 05:26 PM

I built the '64 Ford Modified Stocker as a kid in the early 70's. Don't remember too much except the two piece tires would fall apart and the bumper and side braces kept falling off. I liked to push the cars around and crash them into each other. Now I have all the reissues including a case of the 66 Chevys. I built the Falcon, Olds, and Buick to look like the box art. I wish they would have left the '65 GTO alone. The stock version is pretty poor. I have the reissued AMT (MPC) Monte Carlo and GTO Super Stockers, too bad the Mustang, Camaro, Barracuda, and Chevelle were lost or returned to stock. Don't get me started on all the lost MPC NASCAR stockers and pro stocks.

In Topic: SVO Chassis - a solid foundation

20 June 2014 - 05:11 PM

I'm guessing the green is for the rare sage green Hertz model?

In Topic: Anybody seen one of these before?

19 May 2014 - 05:51 PM

Yea, it has the automatic transmission in it, but also the clutch pedal and manual shifter. It also has Chevy hubcaps. And you are correct, it was 2004, not 1994.

Sorry to dispute you, but those are Ford truck hubcaps, Used from about 1980 to the mid nineties


In Topic: Hobby Shops long gone from Mpls and St. Paul MN

13 May 2014 - 02:38 PM

I always enjoy reading comments about everyone's home town hobby shops. When I was a kid in 70's and 80's my models where purchased at Air Force BXs and department stores. When I visited my grandparents in eastern NC there was a drugstore that had all these old models. When I visited my other grandparents in Hickory NC there was an ancient toy store downtown with old models. When I joined the Air Force in '82, my first base had a hobby store was that was centered around NASCAR. Unfortunately that guy only lasted a few years and closed shop. There was another couple of shops in Greenville, SC that I would patronize when my tanker was at Donaldson Center for inspection and maintenance. They went under also. Here in Wichita I have a great hobby shop I can go to plus Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Hobbytown USA. When I was up in Quebec I found a great store called Udisco in Montreal. If you are in Montreal, you have to go there. They have everything and large quantities. 

Having this Forum has opened up possibilities to find other hobby shops when I travel. There seems to always be someone on here that knows a shop near by. Thanks to all.

In Topic: What's yer take on this ?

10 May 2014 - 09:12 AM

For the short time it is started and raced there isn't enough time to over heat the water if that is what is used. For every few pounds removed. the car will accelerate quicker.It looks like with everything removed, the car is on the ragged edge of weight removal (no front brakes, narrowed body, etc..). If you look to the left side of the engine there is a silver tube with a blue cap. That should be a reservoir to collect/cool the water as it expands in the block. Somewhere (the cap usually) is a way to relieve the pressure from expansion after the race. If they are running alcohol, the engine runs even cooler due to the low BTU of alcohol. After the race the system will likely be hooked up to a pump and cooler water to circulate and cool the engine for the next round.