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What won't Super Glue stick to?

23 August 2014 - 07:50 PM

So I've been tinkering with making my own chain link steering wheels for some projects. Its been easy taking the chain and making the main wheel piece, the only trouble I'm having is gluing them. What I do is the take the piece of chain I've assembled and place it over a pencil tips top to keep the round shape. Then drop some super glue over the links to keep it stiff and intact. Only thing is its hard to keep some of the pencil's wood and yellow paint from not sticking to the rest of the chain. I try to move fast and rotate the chain wheel around the pencil to keep it flowing and not sticking.


It works doing that but well its messy still. I've also tried soldering the chain links, but with the size of the chain is so small, the links end up getting filled in and not open. Which is what I'm trying to get away from that cheap closed link look the molded chain steering wheels come in kits. I've seen people solder other chain material before to make these, but the chain link they were using was very big in scale so it soldered up easily.


So my question is, do any of you know a material that super will not stick to and let the chain glue up on.. I can easily slide the chain off of when its dried? I was thinking teflon maybe but I don't have any to play with at the moment. I was thinking of taking some sticker backing and roll it into a cone shape to slide the chain over, not sure if that work either. Any suggestions I'd love to hear and will try. 

Testors Model Master Clear Blue Acrylic Paint

10 August 2014 - 05:44 AM

I was wondering if anyones had any experience with this the MM Clear Blue Acrylic paint? Local hobby shop sold out of Testors Transparent Blue spray paint and suggested I try this this color out. It looked a little darker and opaque in the bottle. I've used Testors Transparent Blue for years, and I've decanted it before to use for brushing. And its always looked completely clear blue in the bottles.


So before I buy some to try, I was wondering if anyone has used this color before, and can you tell me if it does have that candy transparent color to it and light? Or is it a darker blue but clear? If the color is anything like the regular Transparent Blue, I'd be willing to switch over to this one and spray through my airbrush. I'm just looking for more of that candy side of the color. My hobby shop said they can't get the transparent blue right now so they said this would work.


I don't know though..  the lady who suggested it was wearing a sweater with kittens on it and gluing some popsicle sticks making a house. I don't think she gets down on some candy paint jobs.