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1967 Pontiac GTO

07 April 2013 - 02:26 PM

Hello fellow modelers,

The weather here in Chicago is starting to warm up a bit and my work schedule has let up a little so I figured I'd start on my 2nd model.  My 66 Nova (link here)is still a work in progress since it was late in the year when I began it and we have had a brutal cold season here so outside painting was out of the question and I don't have anywhere to spray paint safely indoors.

I did however, pickup a Microlux 1530 spray booth on craigslist along with a couple of airbrushes so the Nova interior will be finished up soon.

Anyhow,  My 2nd model will be the 1967 Pontiac GTO by MPC.  Reading about this kit on this forum  gave me a warning of what was to come from this kit.  The chrome is way too thick on some parts, the engine seems way to small for the car, and the body has been under the knife quite a few times as is evident when looking at the underside.  The kit lacks detail and has quite a bit of flashing on the parts (a perfect kit for a newbie..lol)

The reason I chose this kit then is because I remember my neighbor having one when I was a kid and was in love with the way the car looked and sounded.

Anyway on to the pics -





Engine has been complete and it was my first attempt at engine wiring.  Wiring came out a little sloppy but I'm still happy with it.


I sanded the body a bit today and will hopefully be able to put a coat of primer on it tomorrow to see where I stand...I fully expect to be sanding this body quite a few more times...lol



Thanks for looking and I look forward to tips and comments on this build.


66 Nova Pro Street

07 November 2012 - 08:50 AM

Hello all,

I am getting ready to begin my 2nd model in the 20 year span since I last completed a model. The first which I began 20 years ago (Ferrari Testarossa) and completed this month with my 10 year old son has been completed and although it did not come out nearly as good as some of the examples here, it was special as we completed it together.

Needless to say we both have the modeling bug and we are now beginning our separate models.

Posted Image

I chose this kit over the others that I have because these are widely available at the Hobby Lobby and LHS's around me. The body has some serious mold lines on the front fenders. I should be able to clean up the body, sand, and apply the first coat of primer today.

Thanks for looking,


New member

18 October 2012 - 08:01 AM

Hello all.

I recently signed up to this great forum last week after recently getting back into modeling. I last worked on model cars when I was 16 or so (40 now). Last month my 10 year old son expressed interest in the hobby when he found my last unbuilt model (Monogram Ferrari Testarossa) and we started working on it together.

This site has a wealth of information and I have been searching the forums on tips and tutorials trying to learn as much as we can together.

We have already found some good local deals on kits on Craigslist and can't wait to start on them.

I look forward to becoming a member on this site.