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abandoned dodge van

23 May 2015 - 08:15 AM

in preparation for a dio project i will be building coming winter i started to re-do a dodge van i had ....
not done yet but i started with a base weathering on the body wich i can add on from now ...
broken front window with a trown trhough rock (real stone)
flat front tyres 
more to come
the dio > 
so the dio will be a combination of a old barn / garage , a hoarders property with loads of junk , complete with a moonshine still (using real brass)
so this will give me plenty of room to go crazy ... several vehicles , olds signs , apliences .. you name it .....
but first i need to finish my garage dio , the car hauler ..... but i didnt feel much like building the past month(s) , so i hope starting with some prework on weathered vehicles wich is easy work and just means battering and weathering them will get me back in the mood again :)

custom hotrod car hauler based on a opel blitz

23 March 2015 - 05:57 AM

a while back , and in the meantime i learned more and gt more into detail ... i build a custom truck from a italeri opel blitz kit .
now i was never statisfied with it , should have been a flatbed hauler .. now a tractor .. no trailer ...
wheels too big .. (tryres)
so after a while i now decided to rebuild this one .. give it a complete overhaul .. the most important piece of this build is the cab .. the rest can be scrapped ..
the kit
what i made of it back then 
wheels > i either go with smal diameter wheels and tyres and go real low or a bit more truck like and bigger ..
first made up some larger ones .. now i used 1/16 beetje rims with low profile tyres from yard sale toy car ..
the tyres actually are pretty nice and the overall wheel diameter now is good (for large wheels)
the center is temporary i would make custom hub caps if i go with these wheels  
i removed the headlights .. and made up some rings and drilled and sanded to make a kind of 40's ford look 
in the end i didnt liked it .. it needs to have headlights with a housing and bezel .. stick out .. and keep the more classic feel ..
so i sanded the inserted 40's ford-ish lights smooth with the fender .. leaving the hole .. and now the headlights fit partially in that hole kind of half sunken .. i could bondo the seams so its one with the fender ..
kind of cool and something i didnt see a lot 
cut out the original grille , will make a custom grille and the front bumper will get a addition and become lower to the ground (same as the running boards 
now i'm in doubt .. will i when its time to ... paint it gloss or weather it a bit ... ...
i kind of like the weathering idea .. more fun to do ... i always have so much fun making a weathered look .... 

chevyford ratbash > re-color

14 March 2015 - 02:07 AM

awhile back i made a chevy-ford pickup rat ... idea was based on the well known rod with the coronet rear 
i used a chevy to make the rear ...
now i was never happy with the result and just 2 hours ago i thought lets redo the "paint" better said patina ..
still not one of my better builds but it looks  a tad better now i think .. maybe later on i will change the front wheels and add a cage ..?
the idea
what i made >
so today put pigment powder on the body
and just went crazy with tones and runners and stuff
just a quick revamp of this old build 

'32 ford 5-window coupe , top chopped rebuild

08 February 2015 - 12:24 AM

Hi all ..


in the early days when i started modelbuilding (around 2008) i chopped this revell ford 5 window coupe ...


first time i build it , chopped the roof and added like a worked into the roof kind of sunvisor thing ..back then i loved it , now i'm like what was i thinking looks awfull (shapewise)
that in the end got covered with aluminium spray and polished to look like bare metal , now its a pain to get it off :) lol .. one thing i wanted to try was change the firewall , not like revell intended but more in terms of the real deal ..
cut it out and sanded and sanded to make the styrene much thinner when seen from the front 
then to get the very narrow edge you often see .. i used thin copper plate and removed the sunvisor / roof extension
then made a visor with speedholes out of real aluminum , got it bend and shaped so it perfectly fitted the body's and roof lines < its one piece , sides are folded
put a basecoat on it ...
and made a firewall insert and polished that so it reflects , kept it roughly polished and not too perfect , firewall will get more detail
and i need to make a windowframe and mold that against the pillars

RichRods 2014 builds

31 December 2014 - 11:30 PM

31 model a tudor , chopped , channeled , z-ed , bagged