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'32 ford 5-window coupe , top chopped rebuild

08 February 2015 - 12:24 AM

Hi all ..


in the early days when i started modelbuilding (around 2008) i chopped this revell ford 5 window coupe ...


first time i build it , chopped the roof and added like a worked into the roof kind of sunvisor thing ..back then i loved it , now i'm like what was i thinking looks awfull (shapewise)
that in the end got covered with aluminium spray and polished to look like bare metal , now its a pain to get it off :) lol .. one thing i wanted to try was change the firewall , not like revell intended but more in terms of the real deal ..
cut it out and sanded and sanded to make the styrene much thinner when seen from the front 
then to get the very narrow edge you often see .. i used thin copper plate and removed the sunvisor / roof extension
then made a visor with speedholes out of real aluminum , got it bend and shaped so it perfectly fitted the body's and roof lines < its one piece , sides are folded
put a basecoat on it ...
and made a firewall insert and polished that so it reflects , kept it roughly polished and not too perfect , firewall will get more detail
and i need to make a windowframe and mold that against the pillars

RichRods 2014 builds

31 December 2014 - 11:30 PM

31 model a tudor , chopped , channeled , z-ed , bagged





new life fix kit out !

13 December 2014 - 03:04 AM

found this awsome new kit from life fix .... 



garage diorama fully detailed and fully scratch build ...

23 August 2014 - 08:07 AM

hey guys whell after the hotrod garage and the old gasstation diorama and not building anything this summer , it started to ich :)
so i started a new base for a garage , all made from old stuff i had lying around ..
old wood base with side of old flooring laminate 
decided this one should have like a separate office and i thought it would be cool to put in 3 windows and then on the inside make like a wall with big windows so the light shines in 
today i painted the floor with multiple layers untill i got this effect wich i liked , now this is a more modern looking garage in comparison to the hotrod garage i did .. but not hyper modern ..
i want to keep this one cleaner but still apply some weathering to bring it alive , will be much milder then the other one ...
after the floor i used old ribbed plastic window blinds for the lower side like some sort of high kick panel to protect the walls against weld sparks and damage ....
above that a edge from real hard wood wich i stained with wood stain
on top of that to get a smooth wall base where i can work on ... old smooth plastic window blinds 
now i would have to make window frames , walls , a attic with stairs .. and loads of stuff .. will be putting in a lot of detail and machines and stuff
this one basicly will be 100% scratch build from garage to tools and machines ... where i will use as much old scrap stuff as possible ...
its just a start all still rough

packard > into hotrod > scale 1/16 - ish > bonneville weathered

20 July 2014 - 12:25 AM

hi all ,

this model rod is very special to me ! , this is the one that started my modelbuilding "career"

i got this packard for free a few years back , new in the box bit it was a bit damaged ...

i started to play around with this die-cast and turned it into a hotrod , i didnt have any tools , paint or ... never build models when i got this packard ...

after this packard i got the modelbuild fever and after bying a nother die-cast (bug) and playing around with that i started to find awsome 1/24 and 1/25 builds online and got my first plastic kit :)

this was the packard when i got it


i build a hotrod out of the packard .. then changed it later on and ordered a 1/18 blown engine ...
i took a 1/16 ferrari v8 and merged the parts with the other engine

last week i took the rod out of storage and gave it some powders and played around with it



this morning i figured why not make it like its been on the salt flats ...

so i put it on the bench and this was the result > (used white pigment powder)




just thought i'd share it here .. again its a very old build and changed 2 times , when i was just starting building .. beside the weathering i dont want to upgrade anything because this is the one that started it all :)

in the future and with a lote more learnt since this rod i want to start a 1/8 hotrod build