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40's Willys "rat/stock"

28 March 2013 - 09:19 PM

Okay So I know I haven't posted on here in... forever... I've been fallowing people on here and watching builds one thing I've noticed is that there are a LOT of Willy's out there... The only model I had lying around is one.. (I don't keep models on stock lol) 


 Anyway... this first post is just a teaser of what Is to come.. I kinda gave up on my challenger pro touring.. well just put it on the back burner really until I can buy another one just like to to get some parts.. 


THIS PICTURE IS JUST WHAT I'VE GOT DONE SO FAR sorry for not giving a step by step thing. I get to into it and forget to take pics as I go.. this one is from my phone but I'll have more pictures from a real camera tomorrow !!!



Here's the kicker .. if anyone wants to "donate" parts you think would look cool on the willy's (keep in mind there isn't much room on this model" go for it .. I made my first hinge for it so there is trunk space.. you can contact me through here personally and we can chat.. 

 I wish I knew how to lower this model ... I'm still starting out in my modeling so I don't know a whole lot.. Its like I can see what it looks like in my head but then never can build it.... 


paint-- flat black base coat then a "georgia clay" color over it and then lightly sand it till the black and even some of the primer (white) comes through.. 


engine-- It came with a blown hemi (orange with white headers .. or.. dun dun dun.. I can fit an old viper v10 I have but I'd have to make some headers for it... 


Frame -- flat black. 


Roll cage-- I custom built a roll cage and that's the only real color it'll have its a pearl lime green


I'm gonna add some wheelie bars from another kit to it .. maybe.. 


possibly not run headlights or if I do put them on there i'll put a black X on them like I've seen on some cars.. 


I'm looking for a duplicate seat of what came it it I would really like to run 2 seats so it looks more like ya drove it to the track.. 


Any input would be appreciated .. 


Some detail parts from other kits and/or scratch built parts will used as well .. 


Thanks for looking and God bless

My first 70's pro touring challenger

28 November 2012 - 05:51 PM

Okay guys here's a look at my first attempt to build a "pro" touring dodge challenger its nothing special or extremely detailed but i'm having fun with it! sorry for the bad pics my camera broke and i'm forced to used my phone. I'll probably try to post some more pics with a working camera. I'm open to any advice, supplies are limited for now