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56 Nomad with a Hemi

28 October 2014 - 05:08 PM

Yup, you read it right....... This has been prompted by our very own Kennyboy... He is building a car boat combo for the Milwaukee NNL next year. The theme is "Anything With a Hemi".... Well he stopped by the house awhile back and wanted to ask a few questions on his project.. After awhile he made the comment "So when you gonna do one" or something close to that. That which got me going on a twin Arias Hemi engined boat "KwitcherBeachin" and now this....

56 Nomad, Chezoom full detail chassis, Predicta 56 Chrysler Hemi, Accurate Miniatures Weber carb intake assembly, Corvette suspension and yes it'll be all wheel drive....












Fujimi models-racing kits/decals

19 October 2014 - 05:33 PM

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Fujimi models? Are they still in business?

I'm looking to see if they have decals available separately for a Ferrari Italia Tequila Patron car. I know it's in 1:43 but I can make the stripes and make the logos work. Does anyone know if these decals are around in 1:25th??




Doc's getting some customizing done tomorrow, wish me well.....

15 October 2014 - 10:01 AM


He he, the ol' Doctor Kerry is going in to get a bit-o-customization done tomorrow by a REAL Doc!!!! LOL, going in to get a gall bladder yanked out through a small hole.... Time for the loopy loopy gas!!!!!!!!


Lilly and Kabuki Syndrome

02 October 2014 - 04:59 PM

Talk about a turn of events in a persons life. A Doctor out in Maryland that we know has done the almost impossible. He has found a way to reverse Kabuki Syndrome!!!!!!! For those of you that don't know our daughter has a rare syndrome called Kabuki Syndrome and the doctors have been working on finding a way to reverse it.

Talk about a HUGE milestone for us!!!!!!!!!!!!

For anyone that wants to read the article..... http://www.eurekaler...m-dti092514.php

Vintage Strombecker cars

27 September 2014 - 08:42 AM

I inherited my Grandfather/Dads slot car track. I've been going through stuff and getting things in order of what is there. They need some work to get them track worthy yet..

More here!!!! http://s2.photobucke...s?sort=4&page=1





















Does anyone know what this tool is for?? I have an idea but not sure.....