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In Topic: garage diorama fully detailed and fully scratch build ...

13 October 2014 - 09:20 AM


Been away ftom this site for a few months and I find a whole new project almost finished!


Where do you get the energy!

In Topic: jerry eckman pennzoil firebird?

12 February 2014 - 09:56 AM

Build this one many years ago.

Added spark plug wires, fuel lines and breather hoses but one could go all out on the dry sump oil system. An easy kit to build I think, because the straight forward decals.


Have fun  :)

In Topic: service / gas station diorama

01 January 2014 - 03:09 AM


You're not wasting any time are you?


It's only a few months ago I checked this thread and it's finished already. :blink:

In Topic: your work bench

01 January 2014 - 02:34 AM

I was lucky to build this hobby room last year after building for decades in the corner of a bedroom. Made this work bench from IKEA kitchen sink shelfs and some coated chip wood. Amazing that no matter how much working space you have it always ends up cluttered up with trumpery.


Check out the display cabinet I made from the old fireplace downstairs.

In Topic: Tommy Ivo front engine dragster

07 November 2013 - 09:54 AM

The clear coat applied. I used the same household clear I have used for many years that takes about four days to cure, but leaves a though glass like finish that last for decades. I cut the front engine mounts back about 2mm to bring the nose of the engine down and make the rear of the engine line up properly to the bell housing bulkhead.