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1950 Olds Fastback from Promolite

21 July 2013 - 11:56 AM

During the website shotdown I took the suggestion to finish my project. I am showing my near finished 1950 fastback resin I got from Tom Coolidge at Promolite.

I reshaped the back window and the taper of the trunk. I added the Ertl front bumper and grille, added material to the front edge of the hood and peaked both front fenders all in keeping with my 1 to 1 car.
The car is #11 Alder Green right from my local paint store. I painted this car 3 times before I got it right. (had to buy a cheap air brush kit).
The white wall tires I got directly from Revell as I told them they we not in the kit as described on box. They had white paper rings that would not conform to the tire. I took material off the back of the small hubcaps and cut off the lower headlight buckets and fitted them into the fender like the real car.

1950 Oldsmobile built like 1:1

26 February 2013 - 08:16 AM

I took pictures today of my build. I have been working on this off and on for 2 months. I posted 1:1 pictures a while back and was bothered by the Revell front end, grille, bumper, scoops etc. So I took the grille and front bumper off an Ertl '50 Olds sports bank I had since 2000. When installed the hood was too short so material had to be added. The bumper is separate on the Ertl so it can be moved to the proper location. The scoops below the headlights were cut off the Revell kit and trimmed and inserted into the body like it is on the real car.
I painted the body Boyds Dark Green Pearl over black then Testors clear. This is very close to my real car Black Emerald off an'87 Olds. This was a struggle for me as the Boyd paint went on very orange peely so heavy sanding necessitated another coat. Still marginal but the testors clear was wonderful. I almost left it with out rubbing out but i did it anyway. One tragic move was applying a Miguiers Final cut cleaner to the green and it ate right through to the white. Worked like paint remover. I often read the forum looking for ideas and techniques which was very helpful as I have not built a model since the '70.
The engine was converted to 3 carbs and finned valve cover as on my 1:1. the carbs are tie wrap ends and the air cleaners are fuse ends. The wire I used are too fat! I made them up with 24 gauge but 28 or 30 is what I think I need . I put the car together with screws so I can remove the body and frame again when necessary.
The mag wheels are off a '32 Ford roadster Revell kit and the front tire of of the Ertl bank.
I start with my 1:1 car.

http://s120beta.phot... finish 50 Olds

Revell 1950 Oldsmobile Coupe

04 December 2012 - 11:55 AM

I just signed up for this forum because I have purchased the new model of the '50 Olds Cp from Revell and plan to build as close to my real '50 as possible. The model seems very accurate with a few minor exceptions.

I know quite a bit about these real cars since I have owned one since 1959 and have added 2 more different body styles over the past 50 plus years. I have a coupe, club sedan (fastback) and four door sedan, all '50 88s.

I have a ton of information including original specs, dealer books, slides and photos on these wonderful cars.


What I've noticed is this model is being used to create other body styles using other kits and resins to accomplish the desired body. I looked at Tom Coolidges recent build of the 2 dr sedan which he did a beautiful job on but did not mention opening up the back window. The '50 Olds cp has a slightly smaller back window than the 2 and 4 dr sedans.


Also the coupe has a taller windshield and top than the fastback and convertible and Holiday hard top. In the 1:1 cars the convertible and Holiday are the same and lowest, fastback next and the coupe and sedans the tallest with the exception of the station wagon which is even taller by about 2 inches. These are minor nits but something to be aware of when trying to obtain the right look. 


The Revell model in my opinion has not quite got the grille and front bumper accurate. This would be easier for me to show in pictures and hard for me to explain in words. But briefly in words, the bumper is too tight against the grille and on the real car there is nearly 2 inches of space between the bumper and the lower ends of the grille. Actually there is a body panel there that is body color. The other nit is the actual car has a slight arc or crown to the upper grille bar not reflected in the model. The Ertl 1/25 die cast grille looks more accurate to me.


All that said about the real cars I'm a bit of a novice on the model car build and will be looking for ideas and tips on how to best create this 1/25 version.