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1965 Chevelle/El Camino

27 December 2012 - 12:39 PM

An original 327 sb (45K miles) on it's way out. [attachment=28077:100_4090.jpg][attachment=28078:100_4091.jpg]


A '65 dash/interior with RARE factory air conditioning. [attachment=28079:El_Camino_05.jpg][attachment=28080:El_Camino_06.jpg]


Detail of clock and gauges for '65 SS cars. [attachment=28081:100_0280.jpg]


Grille emblem insert for '65 [attachment=28082:grille.jpg]


A (correctly) restored engine compartment ('65 w/ SB) [attachment=28083:100_0091.jpg] [attachment=28084:100_0094.jpg]


A (correctly) restored "L-79" high-performance 327 [attachment=28085:l79.jpg]


An unrestored (clean) '64 or '65 with dealer A/C engine bay [attachment=28086:2004PMCCA2_417_Eng.jpg]


The "dealer A/C" unit in the cab ('64) [attachment=28087:2004PMCCA2_417_Int.jpg]

1965 Chevelle/El Camino

27 December 2012 - 12:27 PM

Sorry, dbl post.

'65 El Camino

26 December 2012 - 03:56 PM

Hey all - newbie here.


Thought I'd share some photos of my latest build... 1/25th smaller than what I'm used to!

This is my '65 El Camino, and I thought that while it's below freezing I'd build a model of the real thing. I'll be kit-bashing the following:

AMT's '65 El Camino

Revell's '65 Z16/Malibu 2-door

Revell's '94 Impala SS


So far, the only thing from the AMT offering used will be the body, glass, and bumpers. The Impala will donate it's engine/trans & wheels/tires, and the bulk of the kit will be of the Z16 (it has the most inherent detail).

Attached File  JohnDs65a.jpg   146.35KB   34 downloads


My car has a bench seat, and none of the kits offer a bench front seat... so, take the back seat of the '65 coupe, cut it free, attach the package shelf from the Elky kit, and make a front bench seat. I cut off the rear "extensions" of the coupe side panels to make a new interior "bucket". In reality the coupe & Elky share nearly the same doors, so it's a wash in scale.


I cut free the 1/2 wheelhouses from the coupe body, and grafted them onto the chassis 1/2 wheelhouses, and started to hand fab the various accessories - puke tank, PS reservoir & cooler, electrical box, WW jug, and Cruise control module.


The engine is nearly correct (prototype has a '96), but the air filter box & homeplate are correct. I'll need to alter the intake manifold slightly.

I'll keep you posted as progress allows (and if I remember to take photos!)