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Hey Cool Model Car Dudes!

09 January 2013 - 11:26 AM

Hi everyone! My name is Marty Kirk.


   I joined a week or two ago so I guess I should intro myself to all my model brothers and sisters! I've known Gregg since the mid 90's when we both lived in Denver, CO.  We kind of lost touch after he moved to Hawaii (poor guy...had to move to Hawaii....sigh!) I see him from time to time at the GSL in Salt Lake City.


  My first car was a '70 Chevelle SS 396 (my avatar is not my car). I gave $1,100 for it in 1977 ($1,100!!!). Sure wish I had that one back! That beast got me hooked on cars forever....It ran a 12.38 at the Sacramento Speed way (high school drags) and I haven't been the same since!


   I'm kind of an old guy (51) and I've been building model cars most of my life. I started building them seriously (well, fun kind of seriously) since about 1988 after getting waxed at a local contest. I'll build just about any type of car (custom, muscle, drag, show, truck, etc) but recently I've been heavy into nostalgic type straight line (F.E. dragsters, funny cars, AWB's & pro street).


   I have a great model room now with about 450 unbuilts with no filler turd kits but kits I want to build. I should have them all done in 4 or 5 hundred years or so..ha ha. I also have a very model-supportive wife! AND...she loves pro football!!! She's a score!


   I got my nickname "Marty Hatchet" (like Molly Hatchet) about 15 years ago from some model buddies because I like rock and roll and I chop up plastic to create my own ideas. I rarely build to box art. I'll post pis when I can...


     I love to compete in shows but not really for the prizes or anything. To me it's just a great chance to meet other car modelers and compare notes so to speak. I love that! Winning trophies has never been at the top of my list. Don't get me wrong, I love to win, but for me, I'd rather lose because someone showed up to the contest than to win because they didn't. If that makes any sense. In my opinion, the only people who lose a model contest are the ones who show up just to win trophies.                    That's not what I'm about.


   I know this forum has some tremendous builders lurking around and I'm sure that I'll learn some cool new tricks here. I feel that one can never be too good to learn new things from other people, no matter what the skill level.


   Anyway, I hope that you will accept me into your world here and I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible!


Best regards to all,



P.S.   Hi Gregg! Thanks again for the badge!