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post your lifted models here

31 July 2013 - 09:17 AM

hey everyone id like some insparation and would love to see everyone elses lifted models please post as many as you would like!!

99 chevy silverado

30 July 2013 - 09:57 AM

hey everyone im sorta new to modeling! i used to do models wth me grandpa a long time ago i have decided to pick it back up i have never built anything custom so everything on here is a first!! this will honestly only be the 2nd build i have done by myself i just love to collect and look at them but here is what i have so far!!


comments welcomend and tips encouraged thank you

mod list:fully shaved everything, frenched in tag,molded everything, shaved down some of the frame so it can be low with all the components, flow through center concel, 4 bucket seats, 58 impala tails thanks to a member on here!