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Paint Question (Here we go again)

05 July 2012 - 09:32 AM

Hi all,

I've been reading all the how to paint postings that I can find but I have a bit of a different scenario.

I want to clear coat over my decals but was wondering just what the steps are in doing so.

1. Prime the car
2. Wet sand the primer coats
3. Then mist coats followed by the heavy coats of the base Paint/Color.

Now here's where I have questions?

4. (A) Do I sand the base coat then polish then apply the decals and clear?
( B) or do I skip the sanding part and the polish and go straight to decals then Clear?

Reason I'm asking is what happens if you find a dust spec in the base coat. I would normally
sand it down to get rid of it then polish it out. But I don't think I want to lay down decals on a polished
surface that I'm going to clear coat because I wouldn't think you want to put clear paint on a wax
or polished surface. The clear wouldn't be compatable with the wax or polish is that true?

So if there's a dull suface from sanding will the clear make that same dull surface dissappear? Help!