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26 January 2013 - 07:13 AM

Hi, all -

   This has been an on-and-off project for several years now.  I'm not a dyed in the wool auto modeler but when the itch needs scratching...  ...well, you gotta build one.

   This is my first attempt at paint sanding and polishing so please feel free to comment.  I'm my own harshest judge so nothing you can say will offend me.  I probably should have chosen a slab-sided Charger, GTO or Chevelle and avoided all the curves but I'm building this for a friend and I said I'd build it for her so I started building before I realized how much finesse it could take.  The color is Testors' 1110 Blue out of the square bottles, reduced with lacquer thinner, sanded and polished with the Micro Surface kit (if I recall the name correctly).

   There's a bit of orange peel here and there, some areas have some dust, etc.  I learned early that paint sanding is a bit of brinksmanship and it needed two repaints as I went too far.  I like the kit - it went together well and without too much fanfare, so here I am.

   I stripped just about all the chrome and replaced it with Alclad after addressing seams or sink marks in the plastic parts.  The red windshield support is going to receive Alclad as well when I fire up the airbrush again.

   So, that's it!  Glad I found this site - I lurked around a bit and liked what I saw.  I hope I can find enough time amid the other modeling subjects I build.  I know I've got quite a few car kits so I won't be a stranger.