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In Topic: Citation for suckiness

26 October 2014 - 05:12 AM

Of course the Iron Duke rocked! It was a Poncho motor!

Poncho Power!


C'mon, you had to know that was coming! :)

In Topic: Citation for suckiness

25 October 2014 - 10:45 AM

Yeah, that's true. You gotta wonder how much GM was "encouraging" them to pick the X-Car that year, eh? :)


Don't worry about it, lordairguitar: I will definitely be building it stock! I can't waste an opportunity like that!

In Topic: Citation for suckiness

24 October 2014 - 01:38 PM

Man, I'm glad to see that the Citation elicited such a wide range of responses.


Just like when I dissed on the Pacer, or any of the other loser machines that I build, I take great pleasure in kicking cars when they're down. However, I think it's my job to help balance the "rose coloured" views that age gives us! :) I'm sure not every Citation sucked hard, but a lot of them did. A colleague of mine bought one from his Uncle up in North Bay area when he was younger. The car was only 2 years old, and seemed to run fine. On his way home to Brantford, though, it kept overheating. The mechanics checked it, and it was fine. Driving it around thereafter, it would constantly overheat. It had only run fine because it's so cold up in North Bay! They never did solve that problem...


I am surprised that they made it a Notchback as well. The hatch is the one I remember seeing more of, but I really hated the lines. I much prefer a true notchback to a hatchback, although I like Fastbacks. Figure that out, eh? 


I think it's awesome that the X car was Motor Trend (I believe) Car of the Year when it came out. Hmmm... eating a bit of crow, maybe? The article goes on about how awesome it is, but this was all written before any time had passed, and the weaknesses had manifested themselves. 


Sure, there were a lot of groundbreaking things in the Citation, but nothing radically new that Europeans and Japanese hadn't been doing for a while when it came out. GM might have wanted to steal some good ideas, but they did a bad job executing them! That's what happens when you get behind on production and demand is higher than you think. I believe that's what happened (in part) to the Citation; they had to cut corners to get numbers. A classic auto industry dilemma, and one that almost always ends badly!


I have that Cavalier, you guys are talking about. It's not so bad, well, except for the tires. What with my Chevette, Cavalier, Citation and '84 Fiero 2m4, I've got a whole stable of forgettable but well-remembered GMs!


Glad you guys are enjoying the article; I don't know when I'll get around to building this, but it will likely be a red '82+, or a maroon '82+. I don't want to mess with those side scoops. They look awesome on the front of that ricer one above, though!

In Topic: Dark Sage SVO is finished!

02 October 2014 - 03:03 PM

It's a nice colour; I wish it had been available more readily!

I don't know what's with Ford and their greens; the SVO Plus was the only SVO you could get in green, too, in 1987 or '89 or whenever they were offered. 


The dark sage really seems to channel the whole "Bullit" thing, but I've never seen it mentioned as such. With grey Torquethrust wheels, though, it would be an interesting take on an update, don't you think?


Does anyone know if the 4E Dark Sage was used on any other Fords in this era, or is it totally unique to the SVOs?

In Topic: Dinky Toys Scammel Recovery Tractor

29 September 2014 - 12:43 PM

My Uncle has all his Dinkys from when he was a "wee lad", so to speak!  He's given me his army stuff, since he knows I'm a military history buff. I have quite a few HotWheels and Matchbox cars from 30 odd years ago, too. My Uncle has his Matchboxes from the 50s. I grew up knowing they were called "matchbox" because the old boxes looked like a box for matches. Are kids now even going to know what a box of matches looks like?


I love old toys of all kinds. Toys are the one thing that really tell a story, at least to me, just by looking at them. They ooze with the hopes and imaginations of the generations that spawned them. 


I'm glad there are others out there who feel the same too!