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In Topic: Ford Escort Cosworth.

22 August 2014 - 08:25 PM

looks really good...

these cars are really really fast in real life..even the street version is lethal..a friend of mine drove several..

has nothing to do with a 1,4 version..i can tell you

In Topic: Die cast shiny paint

12 August 2014 - 03:29 AM

i guess when having extremely good skills ..and a super controlled enviroment you could get a flawless finish on plastic..

but up until now i never could grasp the quality of many of my 1/18 Autoart diecast models

having a BMW e30 M3 in Nogaro silver (the cecotto edition).. amongst many others..

the paintwork is unbelievable..

even the metallic flakes are up to scale..no runs or dry spots not a spec of dirt...and this thing shines..even better than the real thing

and about the thickness of the paint...i have got no clue...it doesn't look 'handdipped' or soaked in clearcoat..nor does it look like somebody polished it on the assembly line..

i also have a whole host of the Ottomobile 1/18 range..these are resin bodied ..call them curbside..and these also look super realistic ...(and limited in 2500 pcs each)

i even have the 1/12 Volkswagen Golf 1 GTI..and although these resin models are 99% correct in size and shape..and looks..you CAN tell they are plastic(ish)..

some of my Otto's i've had for years have toned down in shine a bit ..and all sorts of stuff has rissen to the surface on some..

like dust and sinkmarks...in a way they seem alive..

the metal ones including the Autoart 67 gt500 in bleu and red and about 15 other eurocar models are fine like day one..


so if we are talking high end diecast models ...i myself haven been a automotive painter for 20+ years..i still can't figure it out how the companys like AutoArt and CMC or even Minichamps  get away with it...

beats me!

In Topic: should i do it? "67" 1/8 gt500 altaya

09 August 2014 - 09:13 AM


is this thing available in Belgium?..the magazine and the kit?

i don't mind building this in 2 years..if it's a 1000 euro kit in 2 years its doable..

i visit Antwerp often (25 minute drive) ik ben van net buiten Essen weet u?

i would really like a big scale '67 GT500..

and i also have both 1/18 Autoart '67 GT500's the red AND the bleu ones...das wa anders hee

1/8 would really be something...if done nicely..

In Topic: 1/12 '69 Camaro Z/28 (New Foose Kit) BMF Done 6/2

02 August 2014 - 08:27 AM

just saw what mr Thibausometing did with this kit...

still don't have a clue what's knocking people about the other magazine...

but he built this thing Foose style..and i like it.. some more detailing would knock it out of the park...

maybe it's not realistic (cross rams aren't easy picked up streetcorner),,,and the wheels are a little big ..

but i like it ..give the guys ...be it Foose or Revell some credit..

it looks great.. 

In Topic: What do you wish was available in large scale kits?

26 July 2014 - 12:09 PM

1/12 scale `70 -`72 Chevelle, Olds 442, Buick GSX, or Super Duty Trans Am (lots of options if combined with the Corvette and Camaro kits)

1/12  Hemi or AAR Cuda, `70 Challenger T/A

1/12 69 Mustang, or maybe a `67 with optional "Elaenor" parts?

1/12 `63 corvette, maybe converted from the `67 kit with small block parts from the Camaro kit?

1/8 Trans Am re-release!

Above converted into a `77-`78 Trans Am, or a `77-`81 Z28

It would be cool if Revell would modify their 1/16 Firebird GTA into a third gen Firehawk, and the 1/16 IROC-Z into a `91-`92 Z28

Would also be cool if they would convert the 1/8 IROC kit into a GTA or Firehawk, or maybe even a formula?

Any 4th gen f-body, especially a Camaro SS, Trans Am WS-6 or firehawk, in say 1/12?

Large scale 2014 Corvette!

1/12 Revell `57 Chevy kit converted to a `56 or `55

ACCURATE large scale Ferrari 288 GTO

i second that!