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Why aren't all model kits awesome?

04 March 2013 - 12:25 AM

I'm new to model car building, but I couldn't help but notice: In this day and age when we have such amazing tools like laser scanning and high resolution 3D printing, why is it that model car kits aren't all incredibly detailed and amazing?


I've been poking my nose around car model kit forums lately and see that there are definitely kit brands people prefer over others, whether because they're more accurate models or have crisper lines or whathaveyou.


Are the fancier model kits made with 3D scanning or do they just have better sculptors who are more detail oriented? Is scanning a car (and all or most of its parts by disassembling it I assume) so expensive that it warrants the 4-times-higher pricetag for the model?


Also, why are model kits expensive? For example, LEGO sets are expensive because they require a high degree of precision (that's the reason I read anyway), I imagine car model kits require precision too but I would argue car model kits are manufactured with much less precision than LEGO elements. Model car kits have things like flash and dents and warping, but for the $20 you get a much cleaner product from LEGO as well as a lot more plastic in the box. Are there licensing fees the model companies have to cover so we have to pay 15-20 bucks for a box that's 80% air? haha


Please enlighten me!

Ol' Gypsy

01 March 2013 - 09:38 PM

I should point out I'm new to working with model kits, so if I say stupid stuff please correct me haha. I'm looking for some pointers

So this is the car I'm going to build, it's Ol' Gypsy from the Wasteland Angel game.


After some clicking around, I figured a '67 Mustang GT500/GT350 body would work well as a base. I'm going to have to do some resculpting anyway so whatevs. I got a 1/25 1967 Shelby Mustang GT350 by AMT, which is okay, but the nose isn't quite right. Seems the game developers designed the car with a combination of bits from different years.

Now the questions!

-My main concern is all the sculpting needed to bulk up the model to give it that boxy aggressive look in the reference picture. I have Apoxie Sculpt, is that okay or are there any other clays/putties you would recommend for model kits?

-Any ideas on how to make the crash bars, pipes, etc? Could I maybe just melt together acrylic rods and sand/reshape them as needed?

-Is there a boxier meaner looking Mustang I could use as the base instead?

-Are there any good places to get cheap model kits? I feel a sting paying 20 bucks for a model I'm just going to damage on purpose!

-Why do people keep thinking I'm going to make Eleanor when I ask if they have a '67 Mustang for sale? haha

Thanks in advance!