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23 January 2015 - 10:10 AM

I had several topics posted in the under glass portion of the car section of a few complete models I had. Where did they go to? I didn't know threads get deleted here.

Anyone ever heard of ESCI models?

10 December 2014 - 07:10 AM

Has anyone heard of this Italian Model Company. If so what is the quality and accuracy of these kits?

AMT Muscla Car 3 n 1

18 May 2014 - 01:36 PM

Ok so I got this 3 n 1 model kit that I am hoping to trick out with as much detail as possible. I am looking for Photo Etched parts in particular but I have had no luck in finding any as of yet. I seen other pics of people who have realistic looking handles and badges.. But again I found nothing. looking desprately. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys !