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1969 Dodge Superbee engine bay (1969 color picture)

31 July 2013 - 03:38 AM

I've seen many older Mopars on here with the engine bays done wrong or painted wrong or just incorrect. Like black firewalls, red heater hoses, and other small incorrect details. I've had this picture out of a magazine called "CARS" its a 1969 issue, don't know the month though. Usually one don't see many color pictures of a new car from 69, let alone a engine bay shot. This here is a 383 with ram air. Thought it may help with peoples searches of what one looked like when new. Some things I've noticed, even though they may not pertain to a scale model. engine color painted ground on the firewall, neg. batt cable, PCV valve, orange paint burning off the exhaust manifolds. And yes, I know the Supercars Member sticker on the air cleaner is incorrect lol.




1996 Pontiac Firebird, LT1 with STS turbo

14 July 2013 - 09:51 AM

This is an AMT kit, Formula and Trans AM mixed. I wanted a Formula body with a Trans Am spoiler like the 96-97 Firehawks had. Kept it an LT1 cause personally I like the LT1. The turbo is made of solder, crimp connectors, rubber O ring, metal washer and heat shrink. Pontiac blue met on the engine, DupliColor black with krylon clear for the body, Krylon primer with flocking for the int. The wheels are off of a Nissan R32 Skyline, they stick out a little too much, but nothing I can do about that. The rear bumper was a Trans Am bumper that I filled and shaved  to kind of look like a Formula bumper, also removed the side skirts. The hood is part of the center off of a  Revell 99 Silverado custom pickup hood. I do need to put the upper rad hose on, and one rear shock. Don't know where it went to... 











69 Nova SS, 350 with tunnel tam

09 June 2013 - 09:28 AM

I finished this up today. Minus a side mirror cause I broke it. But i'll find a replacement. I wanted a 70's street strip car. And one that was kind of a different color. Here is the build thread http://www.modelcars...5&st=0&p=938169


For a quick summary,

Revell 69 Nova SS

350 with Accel Ignition, tunnel ram

Paint: Rustoleum Dark Bronze

Int: Krylon Saddle Tan with tan flocking























1996 Pontiac Firebird

01 June 2013 - 09:53 AM

On this build I want the look of a 96-97 Firehawk (Formula body with Trans Am spoiler) but to be slightly modified. So I'm using two kits, Trans Am and a Formula. I took and shaved off the ground effects  and started to fill and modify the rear bumper. Cause the Formula kit came with a Trans Am body and rear bumper. The hood, I wanted a ram air hood, but since nobody makes one. I thought I'd try to make one. I used the center off of a  Revell 99 Silverado custom pickup hood. And once I started to fill it in, I just decided to keep it smooth in the front and keep the vent toward the back. It's hard to see the detail in the pictures, I still need to finish work on it though. I painted the LT1, Pontiac blue met. Sway bars will be red to look like BMR bars and the shocks will be painted like Bilsteins. The wheels will be off of a R32 Skyline. The body will be a gloss black with dark gray int. I put some flocking in it. With my last build of the Porsche 944 with an LSx, I wanted to do a STS turbo setup. I decided to keep things simple and didn't. but this one here I'm going to try to do the STS setup. I started to make a turbo, let me know if i'm going in the right direction with it...















1991 GMC Sonoma 4x4 (Lindberg 1/20 scale)

20 May 2013 - 12:25 PM

It's a box stock other then the front tow hooks and mud lol. I wanted to make it a Sonoma ST but couldn't figure out how or what to use for the decals on the doors and tailgate. The red stripe i used was masking for R/C car bodies. here are a few pictures, It's not the best. But it's not a worse model i've done...








And i got a 91 Sonoma ST 4x4 myself, that i paid $100 for hehe