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In Topic: Revell 1.25 NYPD Impala

17 November 2014 - 02:39 PM


I don't understand how that would happen but okay. So basically to summarize: The back of your expedition should simply have "POLICE" on the center of the tailgate. No blue striping or any other kind of decals are needed. It's pretty bare.

Thanks. Its what i was thinking of going for as the more modern ones only had the single word.  Nothing else at all. 

In Topic: Revell 1.25 NYPD Impala

16 November 2014 - 03:03 PM

But those pictures of the rear are on that website. I don't understand how you say you can't find any of them on there. Unless I'm missing something.

None are of the rear, i can see the front, both sides, but not the rear

In Topic: Revell 1.25 NYPD Impala

16 November 2014 - 08:23 AM


These weren't hard to find, and they're of the generation you're building:





Looks like it'll just need a simple "POLICE" decal in the back.

I cant get those to open, but i know that website, its where i found front and side views, but none at all of the rear.   This is the SUV im doing.   I will use the grill from the standard kit, rather than scraped off and redone kit one.   Just trying to get the right wheels.

I need to scratch build some scuff strips and the kit has none



Very nice

thanks, much app

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15 November 2014 - 04:51 PM

ABC Specialties has model car police items.


I just took a look, they look like direct copies of ones i have in my Lindberg or Revell etc kits

Here is my modified Revell Caprice pd computer


Just sheet stock with pinstripe tape on edge and gray painted screen stuck on keyboard from kit



Look nice Greg

In Topic: Revell 1.25 NYPD Impala

15 November 2014 - 04:46 PM

Great weathering & road diorama Jules.


I hate polished Cop cars. Keep 'em mean n dirty !!

thanks, must take some better images :-)

where did you get the decals?

Researched, designed and printed them with another guy in the UK, Final tweaks have been done.  Also got a Charger sheet completed and a sheet for various all white CV's has just been done.  That leaves a Caprice sheet for forth one that will be ready to offer in Dec.  Also working on a SUV, larger NYPD/Correction decal sheets, for MU vehicles etc at the moment (im doing a Expedition MU SUV, and then scratch building a horse box to go behind, and decal up). Trouble is not found a single image showing the rear of a NYPD Expedition, late 90s, early 2000's, closest is a Tahoe like this https://www.flickr.c...@N00/5737135922

We both just happen to buy off US ebay earlier this year really rubbish sheets, wrong spelling (i put a post up before showing that lol) and wrong fonts etc so we decided to do our own for the LIndberg Charger.......then we got carried away lol.    We looked at around 500 images at least, often much more to notice small variations, sizes, fonts, repaired body panels with replaced markings etc so lots of little variations between them.

If anyone is on Facebook, my friend (never knew him before we got talking about US cop car decal sheets a few months ago) as put some of the pre release test ones he did on a CV this week.  You can his CV in this Model Cop Car group.


He, more than me, as i just look and study images then get test sheets to use and then tell him things im not happy with etc, as its him that does the decal sheet design, redoing things over and over until we are both happy and actual printing of the decals etc.  lol.

Each sheet will do 2 vehicles, 2 Impala's, 2 Chargers etc, each sheet has the same type of vehicle (not like we planned at first, ie one Impala and one Charger etc) with many various options on each sheet.  We talked about a price aimed at £12.99 a sheet, plus postage

This was a old pre release Charger sheet WIP from some time ago https://www.flickr.c...57648502911299/


This was the Impala (im doing another with diff NYPD markings). But this is the full build pics for the Impala. Someone pointed out that i got the Pct and number wrong way around on one rear side.
The sheet you can see in the pics was again a pre release test sheet.   I used lots of the various options on the sheet over and over on the rear of another model to make sure they matched real images.