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In Topic: Has that Revell Crown Victoria come out yet?

07 March 2015 - 02:33 PM

Now that this will be out for the snap-build crowd, it would be great if they would create a glue kit for those who want one. It could be a 2004 model, and the kit could easily be a 4n1 kit.


Version 1: Stock base model with wheel covers (that would go on top of a set of steel wheels)

Version 2: LX Sport model with alloy wheels and floor shift

Version 3: Undercover/detective model using stock wheel covers, spotlights, and "hidden" flashing lights

Version 4: Fully decked out police cruiser with steel wheels and center caps, light bar (could have options like the Charger kit), interior divider, computer, spotlights, decals.


It seems like alot, but it's just two sets of wheels (plus two sets of covers), all the police specific stuff, and a few fancier parts for the LX Sport model, so it's an expanded 2n1 kit. Or if they wanted to make several kits, they could as well. 1) Stock and Sport, 2) Undercover and Police Cruiser 3) Taxi with a few different decal and service light options. It's one of those tools that could easily be used several different times to recoup their costs.

Well i would buy 5 of those at least. compared to not a single one of the old CV they have just brought out.   Im in UK so not has high demand but there is a following in Europe

In Topic: LA Alley for gangster take down by Cops etc

02 March 2015 - 07:03 AM

I love your detailing and diorama work .. very realistic looking

Thanks, being in England i had to use images from the web, looked at least a 1000, had to narrow it down and down as i saw sooooooooooooooo many little interesting things.   Size of my display case meant i didnt have the more room i wanted, hence no bad dude car crashed into the thick wooden pole, as my orig plan.  I found a great image of a alley, and other side of the mesh fence, where i put the wing, engine bits, i saw a rusty old wreck on bricks...sat there for years.  No room to replicate that though :-(

In Topic: LA Alley for gangster take down by Cops etc

01 March 2015 - 01:35 PM

Thanks guys, was a lot of fun, sat in my glass cabinet now.  Hope to do another along the same sort of idea later this year

In Topic: Revell 1.25 NYPD Impala

17 November 2014 - 02:39 PM


I don't understand how that would happen but okay. So basically to summarize: The back of your expedition should simply have "POLICE" on the center of the tailgate. No blue striping or any other kind of decals are needed. It's pretty bare.

Thanks. Its what i was thinking of going for as the more modern ones only had the single word.  Nothing else at all. 

In Topic: Revell 1.25 NYPD Impala

16 November 2014 - 03:03 PM

But those pictures of the rear are on that website. I don't understand how you say you can't find any of them on there. Unless I'm missing something.

None are of the rear, i can see the front, both sides, but not the rear