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The ultimate model car inspiration and reference scrapbook

09 January 2014 - 06:32 AM

Before the internet, gathering solid reference material on cars was tough. So, all through the 90s, I kept a scrapbook of everything cool and interesting I ever found in model car magazines.


Just discovered it hidden in a box, so I scanned it, and I have a hires PDF (83 MB, via Dropbox link) for anyone who would like to have a copy. Just send a message or comment in this thread.


There's tons of awesome ideas, cool models, great reference and good times. Enjoy.













Model car box top art MEGATHREAD

28 April 2013 - 05:59 AM

Hello everyone


Been working on a side project for the past year; collecting internet images of model car box top art for American cars, pickups and vans. I've collected 3565 images so far, each meticulously named and organized.


I'm opening this project up to the modeling community to help fill in gaps, offer corrections, missing information and contribute better images. Anyone able to help in sourcing better, higher resolution images would be greatly appreciated. Ideally, all art would be at least 600 px wide, face-on, cropped, colour-corrected and have no celophane wrinkles, reflections, hotspots, obstructive stickers, box top damage or digital watermarks. Post images in this thread and I'll keep the galleries updated. All Photoshop masters out there are welcome to join me in cleaning up the images that are hard to replace.


Many thanks to Harry P., kataranga, W-409, ToyLvr, o-man, checkmate, AzTom, 421gto, mrknowetall and everyone else for contributions.


While this project is now complete, please feel free to post images in this thread! Post images of missing kits and better images of existing kits, and I'll keep the galleries updated regularly. Thanks!




AMC + RAMBLER: http://s1298.photobu...R?sort=4&page=1


BUICK: http://s1298.photobu...K?sort=9&page=1


CADILLAC: http://s1298.photobu...C?sort=9&page=1


CHEVY 1900-1950: http://s1298.photobu...0?sort=9&page=1


CHEVY A-Z: http://s1298.photobu...Z?sort=9&page=1


CHEVY Belair (and variants): http://s1298.photobu...s?sort=9&page=1


CHEVY Camaro: http://s1298.photobu...o?sort=9&page=1


CHEVY Corvette: http://s1298.photobu...e?sort=9&page=1


CHEVY Impala (and variants): http://s1298.photobu...s?sort=9&page=1


CHEVY trucks and vans: http://s1298.photobu...s?sort=9&page=1


CHRYSLER: http://s1298.photobu...R?sort=9&page=1


DODGE A-Z: http://s1298.photobu...Z?sort=9&page=1


DODGE trucks and vans: http://s1298.photobu...s?sort=9&page=1


FORD 1900-1963: http://s1298.photobu...3?sort=9&page=1


FORD A-E: http://s1298.photobu...E?sort=9&page=1


FORD F-M: http://s1298.photobu...M?sort=9&page=1


FORD Mustang: http://s1298.photobu...g?sort=9&page=1


FORD N-Z: http://s1298.photobu...Z?sort=9&page=1


FORD trucks and vans: http://s1298.photobu...s?sort=9&page=1


GMC: http://s1298.photobu...C?sort=9&page=1


HUMMER: http://s1298.photobu...R?sort=9&page=1


JEEP: http://s1298.photobu...P?sort=3&page=1


LINCOLN: http://s1298.photobu...N?sort=9&page=1


MERCURY: http://s1298.photobu...Y?sort=9&page=1


OLDSMOBILE: http://s1298.photobu...E?sort=9&page=1


PLYMOUTH: http://s1298.photobu...H?sort=9&page=1


PONTIAC A-Z: http://s1298.photobu...Z?sort=9&page=1


PONTIAC Firebird: http://s1298.photobu...m?sort=9&page=1


STUDEBAKER: http://s1298.photobu...R?sort=9&page=1


VARIOUS MAKES - MULTI-PACKS: http://s1298.photobu...S?sort=9&page=1


WILLYS: http://s1298.photobu...S?sort=9&page=1





Back in the 90s, I entered each year in Mark Gustavson's Custom Clinic contests. If anyone is interested, the last model car I designed and built was a futuristic Tucker redesign:




Thanks everyone for your time.